Mik Dietlin

Mik covers USC athletics and writes on various Pac-12 topics as a columnist and feature writer for SuperWest Sports. He also writes “absurdist fiction” and essays on his blog.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dietlin is a lifelong USC fan. He moved to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with his wife Susan in 1999 to escape the big city…But he will never escape his love for Pac-12 football.

Dietlin has written fiction most of his life, combining elements of horror, sci-fi, and absurdity. You can order his books, ‘The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul,” and “Frying On This Rock” from his website at mikdietlin.com. In his spare time he enjoys progressive rock music, reading, and arguing with statues of our Founding Fathers. 

You can contact Dietlin on Twitter at @mik_dietlin, on Facebook, or by email at msdietlin@comcast.net.