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Greg Kokot

Greg Kokot writes about motorsports for SuperWest Sports.

Kokot is an avid motorsport fan who has been attending races his entire life. He makes a point of staying up-to-date on the local and national dirt track scene, as well as attending races for NHRA and Formula 1.

In addition to his passion for motorsports, Kokot is a diehard Arizona Wildcats basketball fan and has been a lifelong fan of the NHL Boston Bruins.

Greg is also a co-host of That American F1 Show, a podcast on Formula 1 racing from a U.S. Perspective.

Born and raised in Tucson, Kokot is a 2011 graduate of The University of Arizona, where he earned a B.S. degree in Retail and Consumer Sciences.

He is also a consistent contributor to his local roller hockey team.

You can reach Greg at

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