2024-25 Preseason Composite Men’s Hoops Rankings

An aggregate of 14 of the top media rankings including CBS Sports, ESPN, and USA Today

Posted on May 4, 2024

  By SuperWest Sports Staff

The 2024-25 men’s basketball season is right around the corner, and some prognosticators have published their preseason rankings.

We’ve brought them all together for you with the most recent updates.

So far, we’ve aggregated 14 media rankings (shown below) by assigning a No. 1 ranking the value of 25 points, a No. 2 ranking of 24 points, and so on.

The rounded result is divided by 14 and subtracted from 25, yielding the SuperWest Composite Rank.

Schools ranked by just one media outlet (in this case, Oregon) appear in the individual ranking but not in the composite.

The composite ranking and the individual media rankings appear below.

Preseason Composite Rankings as of May 4, 2024

Composite Ranking
6. Gonzaga
11. Arizona
20. Saint Mary's
20. UCLA
21. BYU
24. Boise State
24. New Mexico
24. SDSU

SuperWest in Latest 2024 Preseason Media Basketball Rankings

ESPNCBS SportsFox SportsNCAA.com/Katz
4. Gonzaga7. Gonzaga6. Gonzaga8. Gonzaga
9. Arizona13. Arizona8. Arizona12. Arizona
15. UCLA20. UCLA17. UCLA20. BSU
On3Bleacher ReportYardbarkerUSA TODAY
8. Gonzaga4. Gonzaga5. Gonzaga10. BYU
13. Arizona10. Arizona13. Arizona14. Gonzaga
16. UCLA16. BYU18. Saint Mary's16. Saint Mary's
24. New Mexico18. Saint Mary's20. BYU17. UCLA
25. USC21. UCLA20. Arizona
24. BSU

Sports IllustratedJon Rothstein247SportsThe Athletic
4. Gonzaga7. Gonzaga2. Gonzaga2. Gonzaga
6. Arizona13. Arizona9. Arizona11. Arizona
13. Saint Mary's20. UCLA16. BYU13. BYU
20. UCLA22. Oregon19. Saint Mary's17. Saint Mary's
21. New Mexico22. SDSU23. SDSU
25. BYU

Sporting NewsBusting Brackets
6. Gonzaga5. Gonzaga
16. UCLA14. Arizona
18. Arizona15. Saint Mary's
25. Saint Mary's18. BSU

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