Kim Doss

About the Writer

Kim Doss is a Senior Writer covering Women’s Sports, as well as the Lead News Reporter for SportsPac12.

She is also 47-year-old wife, mom of two adult children, and grandma to the cutest four-year-old on the planet. After studying journalism and political science at the University of Arizona, she eventually ended up working in IT in higher education—including at the UA. It paid better and was more stable. 

After a decade in the IT racket, she circled back around to her first love: writing. She has been fortunate to be able to combine her love of sports with her strong commitment to women’s advancement and passion for writing. 

She is also passionate about leftist (NOT liberal) politics, punk rock, and “cult” TV. Born and raised Arizonan. Heart in San Francisco. She is a contributor at with a focus on women’s sports, and covers Pac-12 women’s basketball for, as well as writing a column for She is in the process of starting her own site, which focuses on women’s sports in Arizona.