Weeks later, the fate of NCAA D-I fall championships rests in a fitting place

Sports Illustrated: The can has been kicked. It has been kicked again. And again. And again. By the end of this, there may be nothing left of the can—the NCAA’s decision to play or cancel fall championships—other than a dented scrap of metal.

For all this squabbling, the can has, in many ways, found its most sensible home. Its final resting place is the right one. Instead of having an academic-minded group of presidents and chancellors ruling on an athletic-related decision, the D-I Council—primarily encompassed by athletic directors—will determine the path forward for Division I fall sports. The group’s bigger brother, the D-I Board of Directors, wants a recommendation by Aug. 21. And there is just one course they are taking.

Barring something unforeseen—which isn’t impossible amid a pandemic—the Council will not vote to recommend the cancellation of fall championships. That’s the expectation among administrators across the nation and those close to Council members.

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