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Updated Stanford All-Time Football Seasons

Having competed a 3-9 season, Stanford football has played 115 seasons through 2021, dating back to 1891.

The Cardinal did not play any games from 1906 to 1917, when the school played rugby instead, and from 1943 to 1945, due to World War II.

Stanford participated in the first-ever Rose Bowl against Michigan in 1902, in which they were routed 49-0. Its annual Big Game against California is the oldest and most storied rivalry in the Pac-12 and western United States.

The Cardinal claimed national championships in 1926 and 1940. In 1926, led by legendary coach Glenn “Pop” Warner, the team was undefeated in the regular season and tied Alabama in the 1927 Rose Bowl.

The 1940 team went unbeaten and untied after defeating Nebraska 21–13 in the 1941 Rose Bowl, but the team ranked No. 2 in the final AP poll released before the game was played.

The table below gives season rundowns with Conference, W-L record, win percentage, coach, and bowl game, if any, for each year

2021Pac-12390.250David Shaw
2020Pac-12420.667David Shaw
2019Pac-12480.333David Shaw
2018Pac-12940.692David ShawSun Bowl-W
2017Pac-12950.643David ShawAlamo Bowl-L
2016Pac-121030.769David ShawSun Bowl-W
2015Pac-121220.857David ShawRose Bowl-W
2014Pac-12850.615David ShawFoster Farms Bowl-W
2013Pac-121130.786David ShawRose Bowl-L
2012Pac-121220.857David ShawRose Bowl-W
2011Pac-121120.846David ShawFiesta Bowl-L
2010Pac-101210.923Jim HarbaughOrange Bowl-W
2009Pac-10850.615Jim HarbaughSun Bowl-L
2008Pac-10570.417Jim Harbaugh
2007Pac-10480.333Jim Harbaugh
2006Pac-101110.083Walt Harris
2005Pac-10560.455Walt Harris
2004Pac-10470.364Buddy Teevens
2003Pac-10470.364Buddy Teevens
2002Pac-10290.182Buddy Teevens
2001Pac-10930.750Tyrone WillinghamSeattle Bowl-L
2000Pac-10560.455Tyrone Willingham
1999Pac-10840.667Tyrone WillinghamRose Bowl-L
1998Pac-10380.273Tyrone Willingham
1997Pac-10560.455Tyrone Willingham
1996Pac-10750.583Tyrone WillinghamSun Bowl-W
1995Pac-10741.625Tyrone WillinghamLiberty Bowl-L
1994Pac-10371.318Bill Walsh
1993Pac-10470.364Bill Walsh
1992Pac-101030.769Bill WalshBlockbuster Bowl-W
1991Pac-10840.667Dennis GreenAloha Bowl-L
1990Pac-10560.455Dennis Green
1989Pac-10380.273Dennis Green
1988Pac-10362.364Jack Elway
1987Pac-10560.455Jack Elway
1986Pac-10840.667Jack ElwayGator Bowl-L
1985Pac-10470.364Jack Elway
1984Pac-10560.455Jack Elway
1983Pac-101100.091Paul Wiggin
1982Pac-10560.455Paul Wiggin
1981Pac-10470.364Paul Wiggin
1980Pac-10650.545Paul Wiggin
1979Pac-10551.500Ron Dowhower
1978Pac-10840.667Bill WalshBluebonnet Bowl-W
1977Pac-8930.750Bill WalshSun Bowl-W
1976Pac-8650.545Jack Christiansen
1975Pac-8641.591Jack Christiansen
1974Pac-8542.545Jack Christiansen
1973Pac-8740.636Jack Christiansen
1972Pac-8650.545Jack Christiansen
1971Pac-8930.750John RalstonRose Bowl-W
1970Pac-8930.750John RalstonRose Bowl-W
1969Pac-8721.750John Ralston
1968Pac-8631.650John Ralston
1967AAWU550.500John Ralston
1966AAWU550.500John Ralston
1965AAWU631.650John Ralston
1964AAWU550.500John Ralston
1963AAWU370.300John Ralston
1962AAWU550.500Jack Curtice
1961AAWU460.400Jack Curtice
1960AAWU0100.000Jack Curtice
1959AAWU370.300Jack Curtice
1958PCC280.200Jack Curtice
1957PCC640.600Chuck Taylor
1956PCC460.400Chuck Taylor
1955PCC631.650Chuck Taylor
1954PCC460.400Chuck Taylor
1953PCC631.650Chuck Taylor
1952PCC550.500Chuck Taylor
1951PCC920.818Chuck TaylorRose Bowl-L
1950PCC532.600Marchy Schwartz
1949PCC731.682Marchy Schwartz
1948PCC460.400Marchy Schwartz
1947PCC090.000Marchy Schwartz
1946PCC631.650Marchy Schwartz
1942PCC640.600Marchy Schwartz
1941PCC630.667Clark Shaughnessy
1940PCC10001.000Clark ShaughnessyRose Bowl-W
1939PCC171.167Tiny Thornhill
1938PCC360.333Tiny Thornhill
1937PCC432.556Tiny Thornhill
1936PCC252.333Tiny Thornhill
1935PCC810.889Tiny ThornhillRose Bowl-W
1934PCC911.864Tiny ThornhillRose Bowl-L
1933PCC821.773Tiny ThornhillRose Bowl-L
1932PCC641.591Pop Warner
1931PCC722.727Pop Warner
1930PCC911.864Pop Warner
1929PCC920.818Pop Warner
1928PCC831.708Pop Warner
1927PCC821.773Pop WarnerRose Bowl-W
1926PCC1001.955Pop WarnerRose Bowl-T
1925PCC720.778Pop Warner
1924PCC711.833Pop WarnerRose Bowl-L
1923PCC720.778Andrew Kerr
1922PCC450.444Andrew Kerr
1921PCC422.625Conrad Van Gent
1920PCC430.571Walter Powell
1919PCC430.571Bob Evans
1918Ind040.000A.H. Badenoch


1.000James F. Lanagan
1904Ind721.750James F. Lanagan
1903Ind803.864James F. Lanagan
1902Ind610.857Carl L. "Clem" Clemens
1901Ind322.571Charles M. Fickert
1900Ind721.750Fielding H. Yost
1899Ind252.333B.C. "Burr" Chamberlain
1898Ind531.611Harold P. Cross
1897Ind410.800George H. Brooke
1896Ind211.625Harold P. "Harry" Cross
1895Ind401.900Walter Camp
1894Ind630.667Walter Camp
1893Ind801.944C. D. "Pop" Bliss
1892Ind102.667Walter Camp
1891Ind310.750John R. Whittemore

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