Scouting the Pac-12 Venues: L.A. Memorial Coliseum

Posted on August 1, 2021

  By Dane Miller & Stephen Vilardo, SuperWest Sports

Each Pac-12 football venue has its unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, ranging from capacity to the way it’s structured and its history and tradition.

In this 12-part series, we look at what makes each facility unique, considering some of the key moments and stats (provided by in the Pac-12 Era.

In this sixth installment, we scout USC’s home turf, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Built: 1923
Renovated: 2019
Capacity: 77,500
Elevation: 161 feet
Overall Record: 47-15
Nonconference record: 14-4
Conference Record: 33-11

One of the most recognizable stadiums in the world, the Coliseum is arguably the crown jewel of the Pac-12.

Walking up to the entrance gates, fans can’t help but be reminded of the Olympic history of the venue: It’s a special feeling that only the Coliseum provides.

Mix in the lighting of the torch at the start of every fourth quarter, and the tradition of the venue shines through.

And with 47 wins at home since 2011, the Trojans play like it means something.

Only Oregon has a winning record at the Coliseum since the Pac-12 expanded, and USC took the field as the No. 1 team in the country in 2012.

Arizona, Colorado, Oregon State, and Utah are winless in the stadium. While Cal, UCLA, Washington, and Washington State have just a single victory each.

The L.A. Coliseum is one of the most intimidating venues in the nation. |

When ranked, the Trojans are 23-8, posting a 9-6 record against Top 25 teams.

But scratching beneath the surface reveals two fatal flaws. The Men of Troy are 0-2 against ranked nonconference opponents and have a losing record in matchups featuring two Top 25 teams.

There aren’t many programs in the country that can be disappointed with such levels of success, but the bar is different at SC.

Failing to topple a ranked nonconference opponent is an unforgivable sin, exacerbated by ceding control of the Pac-12 to Oregon.

The Ducks’ 3-1 mark at the Coliseum is evidence of the sea change that has occurred since expansion, making the wildly successful records against the rest of the Conference fall by the wayside.

usc logoFor USC to climb back into the driver’s seat, the Trojans must turn things around against UO in L.A.

Failing to do so will further relegate the program to second fiddle in the Pac-12, a status that has become all too familiar to the fan base over the past half decade.

The future matchups with Notre Dame provide an opportunity to move the needle in the nonconference season, but it all starts with taking care of business against the top dog.

If that doesn’t happen, demand is sure to increase for a change at the top.

Records vs. Top 25

Record v. Top 25: 9-6
Record v. Top 25 Conference Opponents: 9-4
Record v. Top 25 Nonconference Opponents: 0-2
Record v. Top 25 when Ranked: 2-3

Records When Ranked

Record when Ranked: 23-8
Record v. Conference Opponents when Ranked: 14-8
Record v. Nonconference Opponents when Ranked: 9-0

Ranked Opponents

Highest Ranking for Home Game: No. 1 (2012)
Victory over Highest Ranked Team: No. 3 Utah (2015)
Loss to Highest Ranked Conference Opponent: No. 2 Oregon (2015)
Loss to Highest Ranked Opponent: No. 1 Notre Dame (2012)
Highest Ranked Opponent: No. 1 Notre Dame (2012)
Highest Ranked Nonconference Opponent: No. 1 Notre Dame (2012)
Victory over Highest Ranked Nonconference Opponent: None

Conference Records at the Los Angeles Coliseum in the Pac-12 Era

Oregon: 3-1
Washington: 1-1
Arizona State: 2-3
Stanford: 2-3
Washington State: 1-2
California: 1-3
UCLA: 1-4
Oregon State: 0-2
Colorado: 0-4
Arizona: 0-5
Utah: 0-5

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