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Pac-12 reportedly will not talk pay with players

YardBarker: A dozen Pac-12 players and conference officials held a two-hour Zoom call on Thursday night during which they discussed a number of issues. Players raised concerns about moving into training camp later this month and were told by officials that they would have an update from the Pac-12 medical advisory commission next week, according to Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times. Officials also assured players that eligibility extensions would be addressed for players who opt out, or in the event that a full season is not played.

What Pac-12 officials are not willing to discuss, however, is money. Players have demanded 50 percent of conference revenues, but Bolch reports that they were told schools would not support any such proposal. Sharing revenue with players and essentially making athletes employees would affect other athletes in non-revenue sports as well as have Title IX implications.

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