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McLaughlin: Pac-12 Moods, Week 3 Winners and Losers

Spencer explains why some Conference fanbases are feeling better about their teams than others

Posted on September 18, 2023

  By Spencer McLaughlin of Locked on CFB for SuperWest Sports


The Pac-12’s headline games in week 3 were few and far between, which will all change now that conference play begins this week.

Still, some teams are feeling better—sometimes much better—than others as we prep for weekly league matchups.

On today’s episode of Locked On Pac-12, Spencer McLaughlin assesses the mood of each Pac-12 fanbase with his weekly “Winners and Losers” segment for Week 3.

Washington football pac-12Lots of teams fall into the same category this week because of how the schedule worked out.

Health often determines the success of a team’s 2023 season, especially at the quarterback position. Of the 5 best Pac-12 contenders, some are more equipped to battle injuries than others.

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