McLaughlin: Finebaum Shots at WSU’s Kirk Schulz Off-Base

Spencer also talks about how the coaching carousel could have played out this offseason

Posted on March 7, 2024

  By Spencer McLaughlin of Locked on CFB for SuperWest Sports

ESPN’s Paul Finebaum took the opportunity (or rather made the opportunity) to take a shot at Washington State President Kirk Schulz, who criticized the SEC for being “predatory” in realignment.

Finebaum is off-base with his remarks, but fundamentally there is no reason for him to respond in the first place.

On today’s episode of Locked On College Football, I talk about how the coaching carousel ALMOST played out this offseason.

What would have happened if Florida State head coach Mike Norvell had wanted the Alabama job rather than staying at FSU?

The impact might have been felt in Oxford, Mississippi.

Oregon Ducks Logo Pac-12The highest win totals in college football according to FanDuel belong to Georgia, Ohio State, Oregon, and Texas this year.

Oh, and Notre Dame. Are the Irish really on the same level as those power schools in 2024?


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