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Dane Miller’s Week 10 Pac-12 Hoops Players of Week Votes

Our senior men's basketball writer gives us his weekly men's hoops selections with explanations

Posted on January 15, 2024

  By Dane Miller, SuperWest Sports

As a voter for the Pac-12 Players of the Week, my choices may occasionally differ from the official selections.

Pac-12Either way, I want to share my picks and give brief explanations of why I voted the way I did for the Freshman and Player of the Week.

My Summaries appear below.

 Player of the Week — Isaac Jones, Washington State
Isaac Jones - Washington State

This week’s Player of the Week vote was mostly a no-brainer. Isaac Jones posted double-doubles against USC and Arizona to lead the Cougars to victories in both games.

He dropped 26 on the Trojans and posted 24 against the Wildcats.

Jones shot an ultra-efficient 15-for-25 (60.0 percent) from the field in the two matchups and went 20-of-25 (80.0 percent) from the free throw line.

He snagged 11 rebounds against USC and 13 against Arizona. He looked like the best player on the floor against the Wildcats and was the primary reason Wazzu went 2-0 against quality opponents.

I also considered Stanford’s Maxime Raynaud, but the quality of competition the Cardinal faced was weaker and his numbers weren’t as strong.

Utah’s Deivon Smith was on my radar, too, due to the triple-double he posted against Stanford. I considered Washington’s Sahvir Wheeler, as well, but I generally don’t vote for a player on a team that lost.

In the end, Jones was clearly the top choice and should win the vote in a landslide.

Freshman Player of the Week — Myles Rice, Washington State
My vote came down to Washington State’s Myles Rice and Stanford’s Kanaan Carlyle. I decided to go with Rice due to his shooting efficiency.

He went 9-for-19 (47.4 percent) from the field in Wazzu’s wins over USC and Arizona while going 11-of-13 (84.6 percent) from the free throw line.

The Cougar freshman was pivotal in both games and one of the deciding factors in the matchup against the Wildcats.

He dished out five assists in each contest while scoring 18 against UA and 12 against USC.

Stanford’s Carlyle averaged more points per game (17.0) but his inefficiency from the field (33.3 percent) and struggles at the line (62.5 percent) were the difference for me.

The Cardinal also faced weaker opponents than the Cougs.

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