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All-Time SuperWest Bowl Games and Results

A searchable, sortable table with the seasons, dates, teams involved, winners, losers and scores

Posted on April 22, 2024

  By SuperWest Sports Staff

In their combined histories, SuperWest schools have played in 417 bowl games through the 2023 season, including CFP, BCS, and National Championship games.

The Pac-12 has played in a total of 313 bowl games and the Mountain West and BYU have played in 145 with several of those games pitting the two conferences or the Cougars against each other.

We’ve brought all those bowl games together in a searchable and sortable table with the years of the regular seasons, the dates the bowl games were played, the teams involved, and the winning and losing scores.

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2023Jan 8 2024College Football ChampionshipMichigan34Washington13
2023Jan 1 2024Sugar BowlWashington37Texas31
2023Jan 1 2024Fiesta BowlOregon45Liberty6
2023Dec 30 2023Arizona BowlWyoming16Toledo15
2023Dec 29 2023Sun BowlNotre Dame40OSU8
2023Dec 28 2023Alamo BowlArizona38Oklahoma24
2023Dec 27 2023Holiday BowlUSC42Louisville28
2023Dec 26 2023Guaranteed Rate BowlKansas49Nevada-Las Vegas36
2023Dec 23 2023Las Vegas BowlNorthwestern14Utah7
2023Dec 23 2023Armed Forces BowlAir Force31James Madison21
2023Dec 23 2023Famous Idaho Potato BowlGeorgia State45USU22
2023Dec 23 2023Hawaii BowlCoastal Carolina24San Jose State14
2023Dec 16 2023Independence BowlTexas Tech34Cal14
2023Dec 16 2023LA BowlUCLA35Boise State22
2023Dec 16 2023New Mexico BowlFresno State37New Mexico State10
2022Jan 2 2023Rose BowlPenn State34Utah21
2022Jan 2 2023Cotton BowlTulane46USC45
2022Dec 30 2022Sun BowlPitt37UCLA35
2022Dec 30 2022Arizona BowlOhio30Wyoming27
2022Dec 29 2022Alamo BowlWashington27Texas20
2022Dec 28 2022Holiday BowlOregon28North Carolina27
2022Dec 27 2022First Responder BowlMemphis38USU10
2022Dec 24 2022Hawaii BowlMiddle Tennessee State25San Diego State23
2022Dec 22 2022Armed Forces BowlAir Force30Baylor15
2022Dec 20 2022Famous Idaho Potato BowlEastern Michigan41San Jose State27
2022Dec 17 2022New Mexico BowlBYU24SMU23
2022Dec 17 2022LA BowlFresno State29WSU6
2022Dec 17 2022Las Vegas BowlOSU30Florida3
2022Dec 17 2022Frisco BowlBoise State35North Texas32
2021Jan 1 2022Rose BowlOhio State48Utah45
2021Dec 31 2021Sun BowlCentral Michigan24WSU21
2021Dec 30 2021Las Vegas BowlWisconsin20ASU13
2021Dec 29 2021Alamo BowlOklahoma47Oregon32
2021Dec 28 2021First Responder BowlAir Force31Louisville28
2021Dec 27 2021Quick Lane BowlWestern Michigan52Nevada24
2021Dec 21 2021Famous Idaho Potato BowlWyoming52Kent State38
2021Dec 21 2021Frisco BowlSan Diego State38Texas-San Antonio24
2021Dec 18 2021LA BowlUSU24OSU13
2021Dec 18 2021New Mexico BowlFresno State31Texas-El Paso24
2021Dec 18 2021Independence BowlUAB31BYU 28
2020Jan 2 2021Fiesta BowlIowa State34Oregon17
2020Dec 31 2020Arizona BowlBall State34San Jose State13
2020Dec 29 2020Alamo BowlTexas55Colorado23
2020Dec 24 2020New Mexico BowlHawaii28Houston14
2020Dec 22 2020Famous Idaho Potato BowlNevada38Tulane27
2020Dec 22 2020Boca Raton BowlBYU49UCF23
2019Jan 3 2020Famous Idaho Potato BowlOhio30Nevada21
2019Jan 1 2020Rose BowlOregon28Wisconsin27
2019Dec 31 2019Alamo BowlTexas38Utah10
2019Dec 31 2019Sun BowlASU20Florida State14
2019Dec 31 2019Arizona BowlWyoming38Georgia State17
2019Dec 30 2019Redbox BowlCal35Illinois20
2019Dec 27 2019Cheez-It BowlAir Force31WSU21
2019Dec 27 2019Holiday BowlIowa49USC24
2019Dec 24 2019Hawaii BowlHawaii38BYU34
2019Dec 21 2019Las Vegas BowlWashington38Boise State7
2019Dec 21 2019New Mexico BowlSan Diego State48Central Michigan11
2019Dec 20 2019Frisco BowlKent State51USU41
2018Jan 1 2019Rose BowlOhio State28Washington23
2018Dec 31 2018Holiday BowlNorthwestern31Utah20
2018Dec 31 2018Redbox BowlOregon7Michigan State6
2018Dec 31 2018Sun BowlStanford14Pittsburgh13
2018Dec 29 2018Arizona BowlNevada16Arkansas State13
2018Dec 28 2018Alamo BowlWSU28Iowa State26
2018Dec 26 2018Cheez-It BowlTCU10Cal7
2018Dec 22 2018Hawaii BowlLouisiana Tech31Hawaii14
2018Dec 21 2018Famous Idaho Potato BowlBYU49Western Michigan18
2018Dec 19 2018Frisco BowlOhio27San Diego State0
2018Dec 15 2018Las Vegas BowlFresno State31ASU20
2018Dec 15 2018New Mexico BowlUSU52North Texas13
2017Dec 30 2017Fiesta BowlPenn State35Washington28
2017Dec 29 2017Cotton BowlOhio State24USC7
2017Dec 29 2017Sun BowlNorth Carolina State52ASU31
2017Dec 29 2017Arizona BowlNew Mexico State26USU20
2017Dec 28,2017Holiday BowlMichigan State42WSU17
2017Dec 28 2017Alamo BowlTCU39Stanford37
2017Dec 27 2017Foster Farms BowlPurdue38Arizona35
2017Dec 26 2017Cactus BowlKansas State35UCLA17
2017Dec 26 2017Heart of Dallas BowlUtah30West Virginia14
2017Dec 24 2017Hawaii BowlFresno State33Houston27
2017Dec 23 2017Armed Forces BowlArmy42San Diego State35
2017Dec 22 2017Famous Idaho Potato BowlWyoming37Central Michigan14
2017Dec 16 2017Las Vegas BowlBoise State38Oregon28
2017Dec 16 2017New Mexico BowlMarshall31CSU28
2016Jan 2 2017Rose BowlUSC52Penn State49
2016Dec 31 2016Peach BowlAlabama24Washington7
2016Dec 30 2016Sun BowlStanford25North Carolina23
2016Dec 30 2016Arizona BowlAir Force45South Alabama21
2016Dec 29 2016Alamo BowlOklahoma State38Colorado8
2016Dec 28 2016Foster Farms BowlUtah26Indiana24
2016Dec 27 2016Holiday BowlMinnesota17WSU12
2016Dec 27 2016Cactus BowlBaylor31Boise State12
2016Dec 24 2016Hawaii BowlHawaii52Middle Tennessee State35
2016Dec 22 2016Famous Idaho Potato BowlIdaho61CSU50
2016Dec 21 2016Poinsettia BowlBYU24Wyoming21
2016Dec 17 2016Las Vegas BowlSan Diego State34Houston10
2016Dec 17 2016New Mexico BowlNew Mexico23Texas-San Antonio20
2015Jan 2 2016Alamo BowlTCU47Oregon41
2015Jan 2 2016Cactus BowlWest Virginia43ASU42
2015Jan 1 2016Rose BowlStanford45Iowa16
2015Dec 30 2015Holiday BowlWisconsin23USC21
2015Dec 29 2015Armed Forces BowlCal55Air Force36
2015Dec 29 2015Arizona BowlNevada28CSU23
2015Dec 26 2015Foster Farms BowlNebraska37UCLA29
2015Dec 26 2015Heart of Dallas BowlWashington44Southern Mississippi31
2015Dec 26 2015Sun BowlWSU20Miami (FL)14
2015Dec 24 2015Hawaii BowlSan Diego State42Cincinnati7
2015Dec 23 2015Poinsettia BowlBoise State55Northern Illinois7
2015Dec 22 2015Famous Idaho Potato BowlAkron23USU21
2015Dec 19 2015Las Vegas BowlUtah35BYU28
2015Dec 19 2015New Mexico BowlArizona45New Mexico37
2015Dec 19 2015Cure BowlSan Jose State27Georgia State16
2014Jan 12 2015College Football ChampionshipOhio State42Oregon20
2014Jan 2 2015Alamo BowlUCLA40Kansas State35
2014Jan 2 2015Cactus BowlOklahoma State30Washington22
2014Jan 1 2015Rose BowlOregon59Florida State20
2014Dec 31 2014Fiesta BowlBoise State38Arizona30
2014Dec 30 2014Foster Farms BowlStanford45Maryland21
2014Dec 27 2014Holiday BowlUSC45Nebraska42
2014Dec 27 2014Sun BowlASU36Duke31
2014Dec 24 2014Hawaii BowlRice30Fresno State6
2014Dec 23 2014Poinsettia BowlNavy17San Diego State16
2014Dec 22 2014Miami Beach BowlMemphis55BYU48
2014Dec 20 2014Las Vegas BowlUtah45CSU10
2014Dec 20 2014Famous Idaho Potato BowlAir Force38Western Michigan24
2014Dec 20 2014New Mexico BowlUSU21Texas-El Paso6
2014Dec 20 2014New Orleans BowlLouisiana16Nevada3
2013Jan 1 2014Rose BowlMichigan State24Stanford20
2013Jan 1 2014Heart of Dallas BowlNorth Texas36UNLV14
2013Dec 31 2013Independence BowlArizona42Boston College19
2013Dec 31 2013Sun BowlUCLA42Virginia Tech12
2013Dec 30 2013Alamo BowlOregon30Texas7
2013Dec 30 2013Holiday BowlTexas Tech37ASU23
2013Dec 27 2013Fight Hunger BowlWashington31BYU16
2013Dec 26 2013Poinsettia BowlUSU21Northern Illinois14
2013Dec 24 2013Hawaii BowlOSU38Boise State23
2013Dec 21 2013Las Vegas BowlUSC45Fresno State20
2013Dec 21 2013New Mexico BowlCSU48WSU45
2013Dec 21 2013Famous Idaho Potato BowlSan Diego State49Buffalo24
2012Jan 3 2013Fiesta BowlOregon35Kansas State17
2012Jan 1 2013Rose BowlStanford20Wisconsin14
2012Dec 31 2012Sun BowlGeorgia Tech21USC7
2012Dec 29 2012Alamo BowlTexas31OSU27
2012Dec 29 2012Fight Hunger BowlASU62Navy28
2012Dec 29 2012Armed Forces BowlRice33Air Force14
2012Dec 27 2012Holiday BowlBaylor49UCLA26
2012Dec 24 2012Hawaii BowlSMU43Fresno State10
2012Dec 22 2012Las Vegas BowlBoise State28Washington26
2012Dec 20 2012Poinsettia BowlBYU23San Diego State6
2012Dec 15 2012New Mexico BowlArizona49Nevada48
2011Jan 2 2012Fiesta BowlOklahoma State41Stanford38
2011Jan 2 2012Rose BowlOregon45Wisconsin38
2011Dec 31 2011Fight Hunger BowlIllinois20UCLA14
2011Dec 31 2011Sun BowlUtah30Georgia Tech27
2011Dec 30 2011Armed Forces BowlBYU24Tulsa21
2011Dec 29 2011Alamo BowlBaylor67Washington56
2011Dec 28 2011Holiday BowlTexas21Cal10
2011Dec 28 2011Military BowlToledo42Air Force41
2011Dec 22 2011Maaco BowlBoise State56ASU24
2011Dec 21 2011Poinsettia BowlTCU31Louisiana Tech24
2011Dec 17 2011New Mexico BowlTemple37Wyoming15
2011Dec 17 2011New Orleans BowlLouisiana32San Diego State30
2010Jan 10 2011BCS ChampionshipAuburn22Oregon19
2010Jan 3 2011Orange BowlStanford40Virginia Tech12
2010Jan 1 2011Rose BowlTCU21Wisconsin19
2010Dec 30 2010Holiday BowlWashington19Nebraska7
2010Dec 29 2010Alamo BowlOklahoma State36Arizona10
2010Dec 27 2010Independence BowlAir Force14Georgia Tech7
2010Dec 23 2010Poinsettia BowlSan Diego State35Navy14
2010Dec 22 2010Maaco BowlBoise State26Utah3
2010Dec 18 2010New Mexico BowlBYU52Texas-El Paso24
2009Jan 4 2010Fiesta BowlBoise State17TCU10
2009Jan 1 2010Rose BowlOhio State26Oregon17
2009Dec 31 2009Sun BowlOklahoma31Stanford27
2009Dec 31 2009Armed Forces BowlAir Force47Houston20
2009Dec 30 2009Holiday BowlNebraska33Arizona0
2009Dec 29 2009EagleBank BowlUCLA30Temple21
2009Dec 26 2009Emerald BowlUSC24Boston College13
2009Dec 23 2009Poinsettia BowlUtah37Cal27
2009Dec 22 2009Las Vegas BowlBYU44OSU20
2009Dec 19 2009New Mexico BowlWyoming35Fresno State28
2008Jan 2 2009Sugar BowlUtah31Alabama17
2008Jan 1 2009Rose BowlUSC38Penn State24
2008Dec 31 2008Sun BowlOSU3Pittsburgh0
2008Dec 31 2008Armed Forces BowlHouston34Air Force28
2008Dec 30 2008Holiday BowlOregon42Oklahoma State31
2008Dec 27 2008Emerald BowlCal24Miami (FL)17
2008Dec 23 2008Poinsettia BowlTCU17Boise State16
2008Dec 20 2008Las Vegas BowlArizona31BYU21
2008Dec 20 2008New Mexico BowlCSU40Fresno State35
2007Jan 1 2008Rose BowlUSC49Illinois17
2007Dec 31 2007Armed Forces BowlCal42Air Force36
2007Dec 31 2007Sun BowlOregon56South Florida21
2007Dec 28 2007Emerald BowlOSU21Maryland14
2007Dec 28 2007Texas BowlTCU20Houston13
2007Dec 27 2007Holiday BowlTexas52ASU34
2007Dec 22 2007Las Vegas BowlBYU17UCLA16
2007Dec 22 2007New Mexico BowlNew Mexico23Nevada0
2007Dec 20 2007Poinsettia BowlUtah35Navy32
2006Jan 1 2007Rose BowlUSC32Michigan18
2006Dec 29 2006Sun BowlOSU39Missouri38
2006Dec 28 2006Holiday BowlCal45Texas A&M10
2006Dec 27 2006Emerald BowlFlorida State44UCLA27
2006Dec 24 2006Hawaii BowlHawaii41ASU24
2006Dec 23 2006Armed Forces BowlUtah25Tulsa13
2006Dec 23 2006New Mexico BowlSan Jose State20New Mexico12
2006Dec 21 2006Las Vegas BowlBYU38Oregon8
2006Dec 19 2006Poinsettia BowlTCU37Northern Illinois7
2005Jan 4 2006Rose BowlTexas41USC38
2005Dec 31 2005Houston BowlTCU27Iowa State24
2005Dec 30 2005Sun BowlUCLA50Northwestern38
2005Dec 29 2005Holiday BowlOklahoma17Oregon14
2005Dec 29 2005Emerald BowlUtah38Georgia Tech10
2005Dec 27 2005Insight BowlASU45Rutgers40
2005Dec 22 2005Las Vegas BowlCal35BYU28
2005Dec 22 2005Poinsettia BowlNavy51CSU30
2004Jan 4 2005Orange BowlUSC55Oklahoma19
2004Jan 1 2005Fiesta BowlUtah35Pittsburgh7
2004Dec 31 2004Sun BowlASU27Purdue23
2004Dec 30 2004Holiday BowlTexas Tech45Cal31
2004Dec 30 2004Emerald BowlNavy34New Mexico19
2004Dec 28 2004Insight BowlOSU38Notre Dame21
2004Dec 23 2004Las Vegas BowlWyoming24UCLA21
2003Jan 1 2004Rose BowlUSC28Michigan14
2003Dec 31 2003Sun BowlMinnesota31Oregon30
2003Dec 31 2003Liberty BowlUtah17Southern Mississippi0
2003Dec 31 2003San Francisco BowlBoston College35CSU21
2003Dec 30 2003Holiday BowlWSU28Texas20
2003Dec 30 2003Silicon Valley BowlFresno State17UCLA9
2003Dec 26 2003Insight BowlCal52Virginia Tech49
2003Dec 24 2003Las Vegas BowlOSU55New Mexico14
2002Jan 2 2003Orange BowlUSC38Iowa17
2002Jan 1 2003Rose BowlOklahoma34WSU14
2002Dec 31 2002Sun BowlPurdue34Washington24
2002Dec 31 2002Liberty BowlTCU17CSU3
2002Dec 31 2002San Francisco BowlVirginia Tech20Air Force13
2002Dec 30 2002Seattle BowlWake Forest38Oregon17
2002Dec 27 2002Holiday BowlKansas State34ASU27
2002Dec 26 2002Insight BowlPittsburgh38OSU13
2002Dec 25 2002Las Vegas BowlUCLA27New Mexico13
2001Jan 1 2002Fiesta BowlOregon38Colorado16
2001Dec 31 2001Sun BowlWSU33Purdue27
2001Dec 31 2001Liberty BowlLouisville28BYU10
2001Dec 28 2001Holiday BowlTexas47Washington43
2001Dec 27 2001Seattle BowlGeorgia Tech24Stanford14
2001Dec 25 2001Las Vegas BowlUtah10USC6
2001Dec 18 2001New Orleans BowlCSU45North Texas20
2000Jan 1 2001Fiesta BowlOSU41Notre Dame9
2000Jan 1 2001Rose BowlWashington34Purdue24
2000Dec 31 2000Silicon Valley BowlAir Force37Fresno State34
2000Dec 29 2000Holiday BowlOregon35Texas30
2000Dec 29 2000Sun BowlWisconsin21UCLA20
2000Dec 29 2000Liberty BowlCSU22Louisville17
2000Dec 25 2000Aloha ClassicBoston College31ASU17
2000Dec 21 2000Las Vegas BowlUNLV31Arkansas14
1999Jan 1 2000Rose BowlWisconsin17Stanford9
1999Dec 31 1999Sun BowlOregon24Minnesota20
1999Dec 31 1999Liberty BowlSouthern Mississippi23CSU17
1999Dec 29 1999Holiday BowlKansas State24Washington20
1999Dec 27 1999Motor City BowlMarshall21BYU3
1999Dec 25 1999Aloha ClassicWake Forest23ASU3
1999Dec 25 1999Oahu ClassicHawaii23OSU17
1999Dec 18 1999Las Vegas BowlUtah17Fresno State16
1998Jan 1 1999Rose BowlWisconsin38UCLA31
1998Dec 31 1998Sun BowlTCU28USC19
1998Dec 30 1998Holiday BowlArizona23Nebraska20
1998Dec 25 1998Aloha ClassicColorado51Oregon43
1998Dec 25 1998Oahu ClassicAir Force45Washington25
1997Jan 1 1998Cotton BowlUCLA29Texas A&M23
1997Jan 1 1998Rose BowlMichigan21WSU16
1997Dec 31 1997Sun BowlASU17Iowa7
1997Dec 27 1997Insight BowlArizona20New Mexico14
1997Dec 25 1997Aloha BowlWashington51Michigan State23
1997Dec 20 1997Las Vegas BowlOregon41Air Force13
1996Jan 1 1997Rose BowlOhio State20ASU17
1996Dec 31 1996Sun BowlStanford38Michigan State0
1996Dec 30 1996Holiday BowlColorado33Washington21
1996Dec 25 1996Aloha BowlNavy42Cal38
1995Jan 1 1996Cotton BowlColorado38Oregon6
1995Jan 1 1996Rose BowlUSC41Northwestern32
1995Dec 30 1995Liberty BowlEast Carolina19Stanford13
1995Dec 29 1995Sun BowlIowa38Washington18
1995Dec 25 1995Aloha BowlKansas51UCLA30
1994Jan 2 1995Cotton BowlUSC55Texas Tech14
1994Jan 2 1995Rose BowlPenn State38Oregon20
1994Dec 31 1994Alamo BowlWSU10Baylor3
1994Dec 27 1994Freedom BowlUtah16Arizona13
1993Jan 1 1994Fiesta BowlArizona29Miami (FL)0
1993Jan 1 1994Rose BowlWisconsin21UCLA16
1993Dec 31 1993Alamo BowlCal37Iowa3
1993Dec 30 1993Freedom BowlUSC28Utah21
1992Jan 1 1993Blockbuster BowlStanford24Penn State3
1992Jan 1 1993Rose BowlMichigan38Washington31
1992Dec 31 1992Independence BowlWake Forest39Oregon35
1992Dec 31 1992Sun BowlBaylor20Arizona15
1992Dec 29 1992Copper BowlWSU31Utah28
1992Dec 29 1992Freedom BowlFresno State24USC7
1991Jan 1 1992Citrus BowlCal37Clemson13
1991Jan 1 1992Rose BowlWashington34Michigan14
1991Dec 31 1991Sun BowlUCLA6Illinois3
1991Dec 25 1991Aloha BowlGeorgia Tech18Stanford17
1990Jan 1 1991Rose BowlWashington46Iowa34
1990Dec 31 1990Copper BowlCal17Wyoming15
1990Dec 31 1990Sun BowlMichigan State17USC16
1990Dec 29 1990Freedom BowlCSU32Oregon31
1990Dec 25 1990Aloha BowlSyracuse28Arizona0
1989Jan 1 1990Rose BowlUSC17Michigan10
1989Dec 31 1989Copper BowlArizona17North Carolina State10
1989Dec 30 1989Freedom BowlWashington34Florida7
1989Dec 16 1989Independence BowlOregon27Tulsa24
1988Jan 2 1989Cotton BowlUCLA17Arkansas3
1988Jan 2 1989Rose BowlMichigan22USC14
1988Dec 25 1988Aloha BowlWSU24Houston22
1987Jan 1 1988Rose BowlMichigan State20USC17
1987Dec 30 1987Freedom BowlASU33Air Force28
1987Dec 25 1987Aloha BowlUCLA20Florida16
1987Dec 19 1987Independence BowlWashington24Tulane12
1986Jan 1 1987Citrus BowlAuburn16USC7
1986Jan 1 1987Rose BowlASU22Michigan15
1986Dec 30 1986Freedom BowlUCLA31BYU10
1986Dec 27 1986Aloha BowlArizona30North Carolina21
1986Dec 27 1986Gator BowlClemson27Stanford21
1986Dec 25 1986Sun BowlAlabama28Washington6
1985Jan 1 1986Rose BowlUCLA45Iowa28
1985Dec 30 1985Freedom BowlWashington20Colorado17
1985Dec 28 1985Aloha BowlAlabama24USC3
1985Dec 28 1985Sun BowlGeorgia13Arizona13
1985Dec 22 1985Holiday BowlArkansas18ASU17
1984Jan 1 1985Fiesta BowlUCLA39Miami (FL)37
1984Jan 1 1985Orange BowlWashington28Oklahoma17
1984Jan 1 1985Rose BowlUSC20Ohio State17
1983Jan 2 1984Rose BowlUCLA45Illinois9
1983Dec 26 1983Aloha BowlPenn State13Washington10
1982Jan 1 1983Fiesta BowlASU32Oklahoma21
1982Jan 1 1983Rose BowlUCLA24Michigan14
1982Dec 25 1982Aloha BowlWashington21Maryland20
1981Jan 1 1982Fiesta BowlPenn State26USC10
1981Jan 1 1982Rose BowlWashington28Iowa0
1981Dec 31 1981Bluebonnet BowlMichigan33UCLA14
1981Dec 18 1981Holiday BowlBYU38WSU36
1980Jan 1 1981Rose BowlMichigan23Washington6
1979Jan 1 1980Rose BowlUSC17Ohio State16
1979Dec 25 1979Fiesta BowlPittsburgh16Arizona10
1979Dec 22 1979Sun BowlWashington14Texas7
1979Dec 15 1979Garden State BowlTemple28Cal17
1978Jan 1 1979Rose BowlUSC17Michigan10
1978Dec 31 1978Bluebonnet BowlStanford25Georgia22
1978Dec 25 1978Fiesta BowlUCLA10Arkansas10
1978Dec 16 1978Garden State BowlASU34Rutgers18
1977Jan 2 1978Rose BowlWashington27Michigan20
1977Dec 31 1977Bluebonnet BowlUSC47Texas A&M28
1977Dec 31 1977Sun BowlStanford24LSU14
1976Jan 1 1977Rose BowlUSC14Michigan6
1976Dec 20 1976Liberty BowlAlabama36UCLA6
1975Jan 1 1976Rose BowlUCLA23Ohio State10
1975Dec 22 1975Liberty BowlUSC20Texas A&M0
1974Jan 1 1975Rose BowlUSC18Ohio State17
1973Jan 1 1974Rose BowlOhio State42USC21
1972Jan 1 1973Rose BowlUSC42Ohio State17
1971Jan 1 1972Rose BowlStanford13Michigan12
1970Jan 1 1971Rose BowlStanford27Ohio State17
1969Jan 1 1970Rose BowlUSC10Michigan3
1968Jan 1 1969Rose BowlOhio State27USC16
1967Jan 1 1968Rose BowlUSC14Indiana3
1966Jan 2 1967Rose BowlPurdue14USC13
1965Jan 1 1966Rose BowlUCLA14Michigan State12
1964Jan 1 1965Rose BowlMichigan34OSU7
1963Jan 1 1964Rose BowlIllinois17Washington7
1962Jan 1 1963Rose BowlUSC42Wisconsin37
1961Jan 1 1962Rose BowlMinnesota21UCLA3
1960Jan 2 1961Rose BowlWashington17Minnesota7
1959Jan 1 1960Rose BowlWashington44Wisconsin8
1958Jan 1 1959Rose BowlIowa38Cal12
1957Jan 1 1958Rose BowlOhio State10Oregon7
1956Jan 1 1957Rose BowlIowa35OSU19
1955Jan 2 1956Rose BowlMichigan State17UCLA14
1954Jan 1 1955Rose BowlOhio State20USC7
1953Jan 1 1954Rose BowlMichigan State28UCLA20
1952Jan 1 1953Rose BowlUSC7Wisconsin0
1951Jan 1 1952Rose BowlIllinois40Stanford7
1950Jan 1 1951Rose BowlMichigan14Cal6
1949Jan 2 1950Rose BowlOhio State17Cal14
1948Jan 1 1949Cotton BowlSMU21Oregon13
1948Jan 1 1949Rose BowlNorthwestern20Cal14
1947Jan 1 1948Rose BowlMichigan49USC0
1946Jan 1 1947Rose BowlIllinois45UCLA14
1945Jan 1 1946Rose BowlAlabama34USC14
1944Jan 1 1945Rose BowlUSC25Tennessee0
1943Jan 1 1944Rose BowlUSC29Washington0
1942Jan 1 1943Rose BowlGeorgia9UCLA0
1941Jan 1 1942Rose BowlOSU20Duke16
1940Jan 1 1941Rose BowlStanford21Nebraska13
1939Jan 1 1940Rose BowlUSC14Tennessee0
1938Jan 2 1939Rose BowlUSC7Duke3
1937Jan 1 1938Rose BowlCal13Alabama0
1936Jan 1 1937Rose BowlPittsburgh21Washington0
1935Jan 1 1936Rose BowlStanford7SMU0
1934Jan 1 1935Rose BowlAlabama29Stanford13
1933Jan 1 1934Rose BowlColumbia7Stanford0
1932Jan 2 1933Rose BowlUSC35Pittsburgh0
1931Jan 1 1932Rose BowlUSC21Tulane12
1930Jan 1 1931Rose BowlAlabama24WSU0
1929Jan 1 1930Rose BowlUSC47Pittsburgh14
1928Jan 1 1929Rose BowlGeorgia Tech8Cal7
1927Jan 2 1928Rose BowlStanford7Pittsburgh6
1926Jan 1 1927Rose BowlStanford7Alabama7
1925Jan 1 1926Rose BowlAlabama20Washington19
1924Jan 1 1925Rose BowlNotre Dame27Stanford10
1924Dec 25 1924Los Angeles Christmas FestivalUSC20Missouri7
1923Jan 1 1924Rose BowlWashington14Navy14
1922Jan 1 1923Rose BowlUSC14Penn State3
1921Jan 2 1922Rose BowlWashington Jefferson0Cal0
1920Jan 1 1921Rose BowlCal28Ohio State0
1919Jan 1 1920Rose BowlHarvard7Oregon6
1916Jan 1 1917Rose BowlOregon14Pennsylvania0
1915Jan 1 1916Rose BowlWashington14Brown0
1901Jan 1 1902Rose BowlMichigan49Stanford0

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