Vilardo: Pac-12 NCAA Tournament Team Capsules

Everything you need to know about 2021 Conference programs in the Big Dance
These NCAA Tournament capsules include season record, seed, record as seed, total bids, all-time NCAA record, best Tournament finish, Final Four appearances, first 2021 game, record against first opponent, record in Round of 64, last Tournament appearance, and current streak.

2021 Pac-12 NCAA Tournament Team Capsules
Colorado Buffaloes

Season Record: 22-8
Seed: 5 East (First time they have ever been higher than an 8 seed)
Record as Seed: First time as a 5 seed
Total Bids: 15th NCAA Appearance
All-Time NCAA Record: 10-16
Best NCAA Finish: Won 3rd place game in 1955
Final Fours: 2 (1942 & 1955)
First Game: Saturday vs Georgetown
Record vs Georgetown: First meeting between the teams.
Last appearance in NCAA Tournament: 2016
Record in Round of 64: 2-4
Current Streak: Four-game Tournament losing streak.

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USC Trojans

Season Record: 22-7
Seed: 6 in West Region
Record as a seed: 3-2 (3-1 with 2008 Vacated)
Total Bids: 19th NCAA Appearance (18th Officially 2008 vacated)
All-Time NCAA Record: 14-20 (14-19 with 2008 loss vacated)
Best NCAA Finish: Final 4 (Lost 3rd place game in 1954, no 3rd place game in 1940)
Final Fours: 2 (1940 & 1954)
First Game: Saturday vs Wichita St/Drake winner
All-time record vs: Drake 0-1 (3/13/1975 in National Commissioners Tournament), Wichita State 2-1 (Last meeting: November 2015 72-69 W in Orlando)
Last appearance in NCAA Tournament: 2017
Record in Round of 64: 5-6 (5-5 with 2008 vacated)
Current Streak: One-game Tournament losing streak.

Oregon Ducks

Season Record: 20-6
Seed: 7 in West Region
Record as Seed: 1-2 (0-1 in 2000, 1-1 in 2014)
Total Bids: 17th appearance in NCAA Tournament
All-time NCAA Record: 25-15
Best NCAA Finish: 1939 NCAA Champs
Final Fours: 2 (1939 & 2017)
First Game: Saturday vs VCU
Record vs VCU: 0-1 (The Rams were 77-63 winners in November 2014 in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn)
Record in Round of 64: 8-4
Last Appearance in Tournament: 2019
Current Streak: One-game Tournament losing streak.

Oregon State Beavers

Season Record: 17-12
Seed: 12 Midwest
Record as a seed: 0-1 (Lost 70-61 to Louisville in 1988)
Total Bids: 18th NCAA Appearance (15th officially 1980,81 & 82 vacated)
All-time NCAA record: 12-20 (10-17 official record with vacated games)
Best NCAA finish: Lost 3rd place game in 1949 & 1963
Final Fours: 2 (1949 & 1963)
First Game: Friday vs Tennessee
Record vs Tennessee: 3-1 (Most recently 82-66 Beaver win at home in December 1990)
Last appearance in NCAA Tournament: 2016
Record in Round of 64: 0-5
Current Streak: Seven-game Tournament losing streak dating to 1982. (8 games with vacated 1980-82) They last “officially” won an NCAA Tournament game in 1975— the longest drought between NCAA Tournament wins (46 years) of a team from a major conference.

UCLA Bruins

Season Record: 17-9
Seed: 11 East (Play-in)
Record as a seed: 2-3 (Lost in First Four in 2018, Went 2-1 in 2015 and 0-1 in 2005)
Total Bids: 50th NCAA appearance (48th officially—if Bruins win their 2021 play-in—with 1980 & 1999 vacated)
All-time NCAA record: 106-42 (100-41 with 1980 & 1999)
Best NCAA finish: 11-time NCAA Champion most recently 1995
Final Fours: 18 most recently 2008 (17 with 1980 vacated)
First Game: Michigan State on Thursday
Record vs Michigan State: 6-4 (Most recently a 75-62 Spartans win in the 2019 Maui Classic)
Last Appearance in NCAA Tournament: 2018
Record in Round of 64: 20-5 (20-4 with 1999 vacated)
Record in First Four Game: 0-1
Current Streak: Two-game Tournament losing streak.

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