Updated Pac-12 Conference Bowl Game Records

Current Pac-12 teams have played in a total of 361 bowls, with an overall record of 184-171-6. (Canceled bowl games are counted as bowl berths but don’t contribute to the overall win-loss record.)

USC has made the most appearances with 54 and and has won the most bowls with 34, but Utah has the best win percentage at .708.

Only five programs have all-time overall winning records in bowl games: Cal, Oregon State, Stanford, USC, and Utah.

Arizona has the longest current bowl drought among Pac-12 teams, having missed the preseason since 2017. Stanford hasn’t been to a bowl game since 2018.

Colorado has gone the longest without a bowl win, not claiming a postseason victory since 2004.

You’ll find a sortable table of all-time bowl records for current Pac-12 programs below, with Wins, Losses, Ties, Total Appearances, Win Percentage, Last Bowl Season, and Last Bowl Win.

Scroll the table to the left if some of the columns are not visible.

Last updated on December 30, 2022.

Pac-12 Conference Bowl Game Records

ProgramWinsLossesTiesBowls BerthsWin %Last Bowl SeasonLast Bowl Win
Arizona State1517133.47020212019
Oregon State127019.63120222013
Washington State810018.44420222018

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