Top 50 SuperWest QBs in Career Passing Yards per Attempt

All-time leaders with their respective ranks, years played, school, and a breakdown by program

Posted on February 17, 2024

  By SuperWest Sports Staff

Here’s a list of the Top 50 (or so, due to ties) SuperWest football career leaders in Passing Yards per Attempt through 2023 with with a minimum of 325 pass completions.

Passing yards in bowl games are included in the totals.

Among SuperWest players, Ryan Dinwiddie leads the way with an average of 9.9 yards per attempt, followed closely by BYU’s Ty Detmer (9.8) and Steve Sarkisian (9.5) as well as Oregon’s Marcus Mariota (9.3).

USC’s Caleb Williams broke into the list in 2023 at No. 5 with a 9.2 average.

Also in 2023, New Mexico’s Dylan Hopkins comes in at No. 31 with an 8.4 average, Washington’s Michael Penix Jr. enters at No. 47 with an average of 8.2, and Arizona’s Jayden de Laura lands at No. 58 with an 8.1 mark.

BYU leads all programs on the list by a large margin with 12 QBs, followed by UCLA with six and Boise State, San Diego State, and USC with five apiece.

Below you’ll find a searchable, sortable table ranking career leaders with their rank, years played, and school, as well as a separate breakdown by program.

19.9Ryan DinwiddieBoise State20002003
29.8Ty DetmerBYU19881991
39.5Steve SarkisianBYU19951996
49.3Marcus MariotaOregon20122014
59.2Caleb WilliamsUSC20212023
69.1Zach WilsonBYU20182020
69.1Danny WhiteArizona State19711973
69.1Koy DetmerColorado19921996
99.0Jim McMahonBYU19771981
99.0Trent DilferFresno State19911993
118.9David FalesSan Jose State20122013
118.9John DuttonNevada19941997
118.9Billy BlantonSan Diego State19931996
118.9Alex SmithUtah20022004
118.9Andrew LuckStanford20092011
118.9Josh WallworkWyoming19951996
178.8Kellen MooreBoise State20082011
188.7Cade McNownUCLA19951998
188.7Sam KingUNLV19791981
208.6Tyler HuntleyUtah20162019
208.6Jaren HallBYU20182022
208.6John WalshBYU19911994
208.6Matt LeinartUSC20032005
248.5Sam DarnoldUSC20152017
248.5Troy AikmanUCLA19841988
248.5Steve YoungBYU19811983
248.5Kevin HoganStanford20122015
248.5Garrett GabrielHawaii19861990
248.5Moses MorenoColorado State19941997
248.5Shaun CarneyAir Force20042007
318.4Robbie BoscoBYU19831985
318.4Jared ZabranskyBoise State20032006
318.4Jake HaenerFresno State20182022
318.4Ryan LeafWashington State19951997
318.4Cory PausUCLA19992002
318.4Brett RypienBoise State20152018
318.4Dan McGwireSan Diego State19861990
318.4Grant HedrickBoise State20112014
318.4Dylan HopkinsNew Mexico20192023
408.3Tom RamseyUCLA19791982
408.3Justin HollandColorado State20022005
408.3Nick StevensColorado State20142017
408.3Jake BrowningWashington20152018
408.3Garrett GraysonColorado State20112014
408.3Keith SmithArizona19961999
408.3Kordell StewartColorado19911994
478.2Mike MaxwellNevada19931995
478.2Gifford NielsenBYU19751977
478.2Aaron RodgersCalifornia20032004
478.2Max HallBYU20072009
478.2Cody KesslerUSC20122015
478.2David CarrFresno State19972001
478.2Tim GutierrezSan Diego State19921994
478.2Mike FoutsUtah19951996
478.2Michael Penix Jr.Washington20182023
478.2Justin HerbertOregon20162019
478.2Marc WilsonBYU19771979
588.1Matt SaukUtah State19961997
588.1Tommy MaddoxUCLA19901991
588.1Jayden De LauraArizona20202023
588.1Anthony GordonWashington State20182019
588.1Darron ThomasOregon20082011
588.1Jesse FreitasSan Diego State19701973
648.0Ryan ColburnFresno State20072010
648.0Rob JohnsonUSC19911994
648.0Christian ChapmanSan Diego State20152018
648.0Kevin FeterikBYU19961999
648.0Brett HundleyUCLA20122014

Breakdown by Program

Boise State5
San Diego State5
Colorado State4
Fresno State4
Washington State2
Air Force1
Arizona State1
New Mexico1
San Jose State1
Utah State1
Oregon State0

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