Top 50 in Total Career Touchdowns from Scrimmage

Below you’ll find a list of the Top 50 Pac-12 football career leaders in touchdowns from scrimmage through 2021 with rank, years played, and program.

Touchdowns scored in bowl games are included in the totals.

Oregon’s Royce Freeman (2014-2017) remains the all-time leader with 64 TDs, followed closely by Washington’s Myles Gaskin at 62.

Oregon State’s Ken Simonton (60), Oregon’s LaMichael James (57), and USC’s Lendale White (57) round out the Top 5.

Washington State’s Max Borghi moved up to 19th on the list last season, recording his 41st touchdown.

Here’s a breakdown of athletes on the list by school:

1. USC, 8
2. Oregon, 6
2. Stanford, 6
2. UCLA, 6
3. Cal, 5
4. ASU, 4
4. OSU, 4
4. Washington, 4
5. WSU, 3
6. Arizona, 2
7. Colorado, 1
7. Utah, 1

Those of Colorado and Utah date back just 11 years to 2011, when they joined the Pac-12 in its latest expansion, while the players of Arizona and ASU date back to 1978.

1Royce Freeman6420142017Oregon
2Myles Gaskin6220152018Washington
3Ken Simonton6019982001OSU
4LaMichael James5720092011Oregon
4Lendale White5720032005USC
6Skip Hicks5519931997UCLA
7Charles White5319761979USC
8KaDeem Carey5220112013Arizona
9Jacquizz Rodgers5120082010OSU
10Kenjon Barner4820092012Oregon
11Marcus Allen4719781981USC
12Anthony Davis4619721974USC
13Steven Jackson4520012003OSU
13Derek Loville4519861989Oregon
13Stepfan Taylor4520092012Stanford
16Toby Gerhart4420062009Stanford
17Deshaun Foster4319982001UCLA
18Ronald Jones4220152017USC
19Yvenson Bernard4120042007OSU
19Max Borghi4120182021WSU
19Dwayne Jarrett4120042006USC
19Zack Moss4120162019Utah
19DeAnthony Thomas4120112013Oregon
24Steve Broussard4019861989WSU
24Cameron Marshall4020092012ASU
24Darrin Nelson4019771981Stanford
27Marion Grice3920122013ASU
27Phillip Lindsay3920142017Colorado
27Tommy Vardell3919881991Stanford
30Reggie Bush3820032005USC
30Gaston Green3819841987UCLA
30Chuck Muncie3819731975Cal
30Bishop Sankey3820112013Washington
30Russell White3819901992Cal
35Tyler Gaffney3720092013Stanford
35Gabe Marks3720122016WSU
37Bobby Moore3619691971Oregon
37Brad Muster3619841987Stanford
37J.R. Redmond3619961999ASU
37O.J. Simpson3619671968USC
41Gary Beban3519651967UCLA
41Jahvid Best3520072009Cal
41Marshawn Lynch3520042006Cal
41Joe Steele3519761979Washington
41Shane Vereen3520082010Cal
46Johnathan Franklin3420092012UCLA
46Nick Wilson3420142017Arizona
48Maurice Drew3320032005UCLA
48Napoleon Kaufman3319911994Washington
48Demario Richard3320142017ASU

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