SuperWest Spring Game Dates and Times with Practice Days

A complete list of known spring events for Pac-12 and Mountain West football teams in 2023

Posted on February 20, 2023

  By SuperWest Sports Staff

Spring football practices and games are just around the corner for SuperWest teams.

The activities provide opportunities for player and scheme development, particularly for programs with new head coaches and coordinators.

Among the top storylines is the excitement building in Boulder, where Deion Sanders has taken over a 1-11 program and transformed its roster and culture in a short time, and a spring game sellout appears possible.

The dates and times of known spring games and showcases are listed below in order by date. The list will be updated as dates, times, and TV (if any) are announced.

SuperWest Spring Games Dates and Times with Practice Days

SchoolSpring GameTimeStart DateEnd Date
HawaiiMarch 3TBAFeb. 6March 3
New MexicoMarch 65:00 p.m. PTFeb. 14March 8
San Diego StateMarch 236:00 p.m. PTFeb. 20March 23
BYUMarch 312:00 p.m. PTMarch 6April 15
Boise StateApril 812:30 p.m., PTMarch 2April 8
UNLVApril 81:00 p.m., PTMarch 1April 8
ArizonaApril 153:30 p.m., PTTBDApril 15
Arizona StateApril 1512:00 p.m. PTMarch 14April 15
CaliforniaApril 152:00 p.m., PTMarch 11April 15
Fresno StateApril 151:00 p.m., PTMarch 6Apil 15
USCApril 1512:00 p.m., PTMarch 4April 15
Utah StateApril 1512:00 p.m. PTMarch 14April 15
ColoradoApril 2212:00 p.m. PTMarch 19April 22
Colorado StateApril 2212:00 p.m. PTMarch 21April 22
NevadaApril 221:30 p.m., PTMarch 15April 22
Oregon StateApril 2212:00 p.m., PTMarch 7April 22
StanfordApril 221:00 p.m. PTMarch 11April 27
UtahApril 2211:00 a.m. PTMarch 21April 22
WashingtonApril 221:00 p.m. PTMarch 2April 22
Washington StateApril 223:00 p.m., PTMarch 21April 22
OregonApril 291:00 p.m. PTTBDTBD
WyomingApril 291:00 p.m. PTMarch 28April 29
San Jose StateMay 64:00 p.m., PTApril 4May 6
Air ForceTBDTBAFeb. 14March 18

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