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SuperWest NCAA Football Annual Touchdown Leaders

CFB TD leaders in rushing, passing, receiving, total scored & total responsible for in last 65 years

Posted on August 25, 2022

  By SuperWest Sports Staff

Several SuperWest players have won individual NCAA touchdown championships and we’ve compiled lists of them over the last 65 years, in five categories: Rushing, Passing, Receiving, Total Scored and Total Responsible For.

Some highlights:

• The last rushing leader was BYU’s Tyler Allgeier with 23 touchdowns in 2021.

• Boise State’s Bart Hendricks was the most recent passing TD leader with 35 in 2000.

• The most recent receiving leader was USC’s Dwayne Jarrett with 16 TDs in 2005.

• Oregon’s Marcus Mariota was the last touchdowns responsible for leader with 58 in 2014.

• The most recent total TD scored leader was Boise State’s Jay Ajayi with 32 in 2014.

Tables with annual winners in all five lists appear below.

NCAA Rushing TD Leaders by Year
Former BYU running back Tyler Allgeier | Rick Bowmer/Associated Press

2021Tyler Allgeier23BYU
2009Toby Gerhart28Stanford
2006Ian Johnson25Boise State
2005Lendale White 24USC
2001Luke Staley24BYU
1996Corey Dillon22Washington
1994Rashaan Salaam24Colorado
1991Tommy Vardell22Stanford
1987Paul Hewitt18SDSU
1981Marcus Allen22USC
1968O.J. Simpson23USC

NCAA Passing TD Leaders by Year
Former Boise State QB Bart Hendricks | BSU Athletics

2000Bart Hendricks35Boise State
1994John Walsh29BYU
1988Scott Mitchell29Utah
1987Todd Santos26SDSU
1985Robbie Bosco30BYU
1984Robbie Bosco33BYU
1983Steve Young33BYU
1982John Elway24Stanford
1980Jim McMahon47BYU
1979Marc Wilson29BYU
1978Steve Dils22Stanford
1976Gifford Nielsen30BYU
1974Gary Sheide23BYU
1973Danny White23ASU
1970Brian Sipe23SDSU
1969Dennis Shaw39SDSU
1963Bob Berry16Oregon
1963Gordon Queen16Oregon State
1962Terry Baker15Oregon State
1957John Hangartner14ASU

NCAA Receiving TD Leaders by Year
Former USC WR Dwayne Jarrett | Los Angeles Times

2005Dwayne Jarrett16USC
1993J.J. Stokes17UCLA
1992Sean Dawkins14Cal
1985Mark Bellini14BYU
1984Doug Allen14ASU
1983Kirk Pendleton11BYU
1980Clay Brown15BYU
1977James Lofton12Stanford
1977Ronnie Smith12SDSU
1976Keith Hartwig10Arizona
1973Keith Denson11SDSU
1972Steve Sweeney13Cal
1969Tom Reynolds18SDSU
1963Vern Burke9Oregon State
1962Hal Bedsole11USC
1960Hugh Campbell10WSU
1957Jack Fanning9WSU

NCAA Total TD Scored Leaders by Year
Former Boise State RB |

2014Jay Ajayi32Boise State
2010LaMichael James24Oregon
2009Toby Gerhart29Stanford
2006Ian Johnson25Boise State
2005Lendale White26USC
2003Steven Jackson22Oregon State
2002Brock Forsey32Boise State
2001Luke Staley28BYU
1997Skip Hicks26UCLA
1996Corey Dillon23Washington
1994Rashaan Salaam24Colorado
1993Marshall Faulk24SDSU
1991Marshall Faulk23SDSU
1987Paul Hewitt24SDSU
1981Marcus Allen23USC
1968O.J. Simpson23USC
1957Leon Burton16ASU

NCAA Passing TDs Responsible For Leaders by Year
Former Oregon QB Marcus Mariota | USATSI

2014Marcus Mariota58Oregon
2000Bart Hendricks41Boise State
1991Ty Detmer39BYU
1985Robbie Bosco32BYU
1984Robbie Bosco35BYU
1983Steve Young41BYU
1980Jim McMahon53BYU
1979Marc Wilson33BYU
1976Gifford Nielsen31BYU
1973Danny White28ASU
1972Danny White28ASU
1969Dennis Shaw45SDSU
1966Virgil Carter30BYU
1962Terry Baker24Oregon State

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