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Ranking the Pac-12 football schedules from ‘light’ to ‘heavy’

By Bud Elliot

With a new schedule release for the Pac-12 comes a new opportunity to break down the league’s schedule strength and a host of other elements. 247Sports’ Chris Hummer already broke down the important new Pac-12 games and takeaways.

Schedules don’t usually win a team a championship, but they can absolutely rob a team of an opportunity to win a title. To that end, I broke down each team’s schedule strength into three categories: Light, average, and heavy.

This is not as many categories as I used for my ACC breakdown, but with the Pac-12 playing ten league games and having only 12 teams, it means that the league is playing almost a full round robin, so there is not that big a difference between the schedules.


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