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Pac-12 Olympic Softball Results Tracker

A total of 25 former Pac-12 athletes are competing in softball at the Tokyo Olympics for five of the six qualifying teams: Australia, Canada, Italy, Mexico and the USA.

The teams will play each other once in a single round-robin tournament of 15 games. After those games, teams advance to the final stage with the Top 2 teams playing for Gold and Silver, and the third- and fourth-place teams competing for Bronze.

Here you’ll find day-by-day results for each team with current or former Pac-12 players, and a complete list of those players with their team’s win-loss record.

Gold Medal Game
July 26, 2021

Japan 2, USA 0

Bronze Medal Game
July 26, 2021

Canada 3, Mexico 2

Game 5 Results
July 25, 2021

USA 2, Japan 1
Canada 8, Italy 1
Mexico 4, Australia 1

Game 4 Results
July 24, 2021

USA 2, Australia 1
Japan 1, Canada 0
Mexico 5, Italy 0

Game 3 Results
July 23, 2021

Canada 7, Australia 1
USA 2, Mexico 0
Japan 5, Italy 0

Game 2 Results
July 21, 2021

USA 1, Canada 0
Japan 3, Mexico 0
Australia 1, Italy 0

Game 1 Results
July 20, 2021

Japan 8, Australia 1
USA 2, Italy 0
Canada 4, Mexico 0

2021 Pac-12 Olympic Softball Players

AthleteSchoolTeamTeam ResultsMedals
Ali AguilarWashingtonUSA5-1Silver
Ally CardaUCLAUSA5-1Silver
Anissa UrtizUtahMexico2-4
Bubba NicklesUCLAUSA5-1Silver
Chelsea GonzalesASUMexico2-4
Dallas EscobedoASUMexico2-4
Danielle LawrieWashingtonCanada4-2Bronze
Danielle O'TooleArizonaMexico2-4
Dejah MulipolaArizonaUSA5-1Silver
Delaney SpauldingUCLAUSA5-1Silver
Gabbie PlainWashingtonAustralia1-4
Giulia KoutsoyanopulosArizonaItaly0-5
Hannah FlippenUtahUSA5-1Silver
Heather TarrWashingtonUSA5-1Silver
Janie ReedOregonUSA5-1Silver
Jenn SallingWashingtonCanada4-2Bronze
Karissa HovingaOregonCanada4-2Bronze
Laura BergOSUUSA5-1Silver
Rachel GarciaUCLAUSA5-1Silver
Sashel PalaciosASUMexico2-4
Tairia FlowersUCLAUSA5-1Silver
Tarni SteptoOSUAustralia1-4
Taylor McQuillinArizonaMexico2-4
Valerie AriotoCalUSA5-1Silver
Victoria HaywardWashingtonCanada4-2Bronze

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