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NFL Players from Northeast HS (Philadelphia, PA)

All players produced by this school

Posted on June 23, 2024

  By SuperWest Sports Staff

Here’s an up-to-date list of all NFL Players from Northeast High School in Philadelphia, PA.

The list includes only those players who have played in an NFL game.

See where it ranks among other schools in the state here.

NFL Players from Northeast HS
Player Pos Teams From To
Brent Grimes DB ATL,MIA,TAM 2007 2018
Charles Way RB NYG 1995 1999
Herb Adderley DB GNB,DAL 1961 1972
John Tracey LB-E-DE CRD,STL,PHI,BUF 1959 1967
Angelo Coia SE-WR CHI,WAS,ATL 1960 1966
Johnny Papit HB WAS,GNB 1951 1953
Walt Stickel T-DT CHI,PHI 1946 1951
Bert Kuczynski E DET,PHI 1943 1946
Red Pollock HB-E CHI 1935 1936
Roger Mahoney C-G-E FRN,MIN 1928 1930
George Wilson B FRN 1929 1929
Mike Wilson E-BB RCH,RII 1922 1924
Howard Berry B RCH 1921 1921
Johnny Hendren HB CAN,CLE 1920 1921

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