NCAA president: No authority over conference, school decisions on football

ESPN: NCAA president Mark Emmert on Thursday made it clear that the NCAA has no authority to tell the SEC, ACC or Big 12 — or any other conference or school, for that matter — that it can’t play college football this fall.

“We have no authority to do that,” he said during one of the NCAA’s “Social Series” on Twitter. “We don’t have authority to say to a school, ‘Yeah, OK, we know that your conference isn’t playing and you want to go ahead and play over here’ — I may think that’s a silly idea, but it’s not up to me, it’s not up to anybody, that school has its own authority to do that. Now, its conference colleagues can say, ‘You know if you do that, we’re going to throw you out of the conference,’ that’s fine, but they still can do what they want there. That’s never been the prerogative of the NCAA, and in my opinion, it never should be.”

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