McLaughlin: Will Restructured Pac-12 have Lesson to Learn?

Spencer looks at an instructive scenario for the Conference to learn from down the line

Posted on June 29, 2023

  By Spencer McLaughlin of Locked on CFB for SuperWest Sports

Pac-12The Pac-12 is still working to finalize their media deal that will begin for the 2024-25 athletics season as the last conference yet to agree to a media deal.

That might be something down the line they wish to avoid, which could influence the length of the media deal.

On today’s episode of Locked On Pac-12, I look at a potential lesson for the Pac-12 to have learned down the line.

Oregon State Football came in at No. 24 in ESPN’s FPI rankings—last updated on April 17th—putting them in a position they have seldom been in since the Pac-12 began.

The consensus top two additions for the Pac-12 are San Diego State. How do they stack up?

The Aztecs are 7-4 against Pac-12 football schools since 2016, and SMU has an NIL collective as well-funded as any remaining school in the Pac after the departure of USC and UCLA.

Why does another school that has given Pac-12 schools trouble, Fresno State, not get major consideration right now?

I lay out why—and why if he had his way, Fresno State would be added in addition to Boise State amidst a 4-school expansion.

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