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McLaughlin: What OSU, WSU Attempting Unprecedented

Spencer looks at the path ahead for the two remaining 'Pac-12' schools in Corvallis and Pullman

Posted on January 5, 2024

  By Spencer McLaughlin of Locked on CFB for SuperWest Sports

Oregon State and Washington State could try and rebuild the Pac-12 one day and fill it with a sufficient number of teams to build the premier G5 conference in America.

They could remain essentially independent and play under the Pac-12 label in a 2-team league.

Whatever path they choose to try and be as relevant as possible, what they’re going to attempt is almost completely unprecedented in modern college sports.

On today’s episode of Locked On Pac-12, Spencer McLaughlin looks at the path ahead for the schools in Corvallis and Pullman.

As they think about broadcasts for their 2024 home games, might Apple be an option they seek to bring back to the table in broadcasting college sports?

Opt-outs have given bowl season a different vibe than it used to, and though it should happen anyway, moving the transfer portal window won’t change that.

Plus, a look at why FCS programs are not going to be easily considered in realignment going forward thanks to the NCAA.

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