McLaughlin: Pac-12 has one option left to make a big splash

The Pac-12 needs to make a disruptive move to remain relevant on the national stage

Posted on July 21, 2022

  By Spencer McLaughlin of Locked on Pac-12 for SuperWest Sports


The Pac-12 and commissioner George Kliavkoff have been working for weeks to figure out what the Conference’s next move will be to remain relevant and competitive in the college football landscape.

In past years, to capture the nation’s attention, we’ve seen disruptors enter the marketplace in a variety of industries. The Pac-12 needs to make a disruptive move to remain relevant on the national stage, and to maintain the respect of the college football fanbase.

On today’s episode of Locked On Pac-12, I examine a potential next move for the Pac-12 now that the Big 12 has cut off their conversations.

Kliavkoff’s next phone call should be to the ACC in an attempt to form a true “super conference” in college football—one that would span from the west coast all the way to the eastern seaboard.

It would be an aggressive move that bucks conventional wisdom about how college football conferences are formed—but it’s worth taking a shot.

A conference comprised of top football brands that include Clemson, Miami, Florida State, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and others would be comparable (perhaps stronger) than the new Big 12.

It would be a unique partnership that stands out in the CFP landscape, which is exactly what the Pac-12 needs.

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