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McLaughlin: Delay in Pac-12 Media Deal a Big Concern?

Spencer reacts to the recent meeting of the Pac-12 CEOs, who reportedly got a "positive update"

Posted on March 23, 2023

  By Spencer McLaughlin of Locked on CFB for SuperWest Sports


After delaying the meeting by a day, the Pac-12 CEOs met on Wednesday morning—something that won’t happen again until the second week of April.

Not a whole lot of new information emerged from that meeting, but another glimpse at a potential timeline for a deal was hinted at.

On today’s episode of Locked On Pac-12, Spencer McLaughlin reacts to the recent meeting of the Pac-12 Board of Directors who reportedly got a “positive update” on the media talks.

There might be a valid, non-worrisome reason why the deal is taking so long to complete.

Pac-12 Basketball is not in a great place right now, but it doesn’t have to be that way forever even after the departure of USC and UCLA beginning in 2024.

So what would a successful basketball conference look like in the future?


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