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March Madness in April, or even May? Here’s a plan on how to hold Tournament

CBS Sports: Amid the never-ending din of declarations and cacophony across the past few months in college athletics, there is one statement college basketball fans should keep at the front of their minds going forward. It came from the mouth of Dan Gavitt, NCAA vice president of basketball, the man responsible for much of the decision-making surrounding the NCAA Tournament.

“If there’s basketball being played anywhere safely in 2021, we will have March Madness,” Gavitt vowed to me in July. It was as direct an on-the-record promise as he could give eight months out from the scheduled start of the 2021 NCAA Tournament. The subtext: We will by any means necessary, so long as we are cleared by health professionals, hold any type of NCAA Tournament possible. Because we pretty much can’t afford not to. 

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