Jeyarajah: Arizona has Big 12’s best player, plus ASU, BYU, CU & Utah takes

Posted on May 2, 2024

By Shehan Jeyarajah, CBS Sports: The Big 12 prepares to enter its final form (for now) as the Four Corners schools join from the Pac-12 to push the league to 16 teams in the 2024 season. Now, the league stretches from Arizona to Florida and from Ohio to Texas, creating a varied league filled with aspirational programs hoping to make runs.

When it comes to making a run, it can truly feel like anyone’s game during spring practices. Who would have expected Arizona to win 10 games and an Alamo Bowl last season? Could someone be the next 2022 TCU, jumping from missing a bowl to the College Football Playoff National Championship? And by the way, could a guaranteed CFP berth only make the competition in America’s most balanced conference even rowdier?

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