German recruit Tristan da Silva taking his place in CU basketball family

BuffZone: Early in the second half of a home win against Stanford on Feb. 8, CU’s Evan Battey took advantage of a fast-break chance by hurling his 6-foot-8, 262-pound frame at the basket. Standing in his way was 6-foot-9, 225-pound Cardinal star Oscar da Silva.

Few in the arena knew it at the time, but half a world away da Silva’s younger brother, Tristan, was watching the game while mulling the idea of committing to coach Tad Boyle’s Buffaloes. Had the aftermath of a tense situation gone sideways, perhaps it might have affected CU’s incoming freshman class. Instead, the stirring aftermath in which both teams huddled together at midcourt before resuming play only reassured Tristan da Silva he was on the right path with his interest in CU.

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