Dane Miller’s Week 4 Pac-12 Hoops Players of Week Votes

Our senior men's basketball writer gives us his weekly men's hoops selections with explanations

Posted on December 4, 2023

  By Dane Miller, SuperWest Sports

As a voter for the Pac-12 Players of the Week, my choices may occasionally differ from the official selections.

Pac-12Either way, I want to share my picks and give brief explanations of why I voted the way I did for the Freshman and Player of the Week.

My Summaries appear below.

 Player of the Week — Boogie Ellis, USC
This week was another very tough decision for Player of the Week. I decided to give my vote to Boogie Ellis due to his elite production. The Trojan senior averaged 28.0 points per game including a 28-point showing against Gonzaga.

Ellis shot 61.8 percent from the field during the week and 63.2 percent from three. He went 8-for-10 from deep against Eastern Washington while averaging 4.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists in USC’s games last week.

I also considered UCLA’s Dylan Andrews for his game-winning shot against UC Riverside. Brandon Angel’s 25 points against San Diego, Jalen Cone’s 26 points against Santa Clara (7-for-10 from three), and KJ Simpson’s 30 points against Colorado State all made this vote hard.

I ended up deciding between Ellis and Simpson, eventually going with the USC guard due to his scoring against Gonzaga.

Freshman Player of the Week — Myles Rice, Washington State
My vote for Freshman of the Week came down to Washington State’s Myles Rice and Oregon’s Jackson Shelstad.

I went with Rice because his production was stronger. The Wazzu guard averaged 23.5 points per game in the Cougars’ wins over Eastern Washington and Portland State. He dropped 28 points on Eastern Washington and finished the week shooting 55.2 percent from the field.

I was still tempted to go with Shelstad (14.0 ppg) because of his game-winning three against Michigan. But Rice’s scoring production should be recognized even if Shelstad was the reason the Ducks beat the Wolverines. I also considered Colorado’s Cody Williams (21.0 ppg on 68.0 fg percent)

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