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Dane Miller’s Formula 1 Snapshot for Round 9

The latest heading into the Canadian Grand Prix, including Red Bull's loss of Adrian Newey

Posted on June 6, 2024

  By Dane Miller, SuperWest Sports

Formula 1 is fun again.

Some off-track controversy surrounding the lead boss at Red Bull, Christian Horner, has led to a disintegration of the team.

Expected to dominate the sport until the new engine regulations in 2026, the Austrian team has lost Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey to the open market.

Newey | IMAGO

Rumored to be nearing a deal with Ferrari, Newey’s departure is potentially a fatal blow to Red Bull’s dominance. There’s a reason why Newey is known as a mastermind.

The effects appear to be immediate.

McLaren’s recently updated aero package has produced a car that outpaces Red Bull.

Lando Norris scored the first victory of his career at the Miami Grand Prix and Max Verstappen had to hold him off in the final laps of Imola Grand Prix the following race.

Ferrari then scored a win at Monaco two weeks ago.

Now, some are saying Red Bull could struggle at the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend. There’s a reason why Newey is known as a mastermind. There is no Red Bull without him.

So, what does it mean?

It means that the “old” style of Formula 1 races—where you aren’t sure who is going to win and there are legitimate battles for 1st Place—is back.

Television Schedule for Canadian Grand Prix

Time: Sunday, 11:00 am PT
Network: ABC

Constructor Standings

Red Bull276 Points
Ferrari252 Points
McLaren184 Points

Driver Standings

Max Verstappen169 Points
Charles Leclerc138 Points
Lando Norris113 Points

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