Updated Colorado All-Time Football Seasons

Having completed a 4-8 season, Colorado football has played 132 seasons through 2021, dating back to 1890.

Before joining the Pac-12 Conference in 2011, having previously been a member of the Big 12 Conference.

Prior to playing the Big 12, the Buffs were founding members of the Big Eight Conference.

The CU football team has played at Folsom Field since 1924. Colorado won a National Championship in 1990.

The football program is 26th on the all-time win list and 37th in all-time winning percentage.

The table below gives an all-time season rundown with Conference, W-L record, win percentage, coach, and bowl game, if any, for each year

2021Pac-12480.333Karl Dorrell
2020Pac-12420.667Karl DorrellAlamo Bowl-L
2019Pac-12570.417Mel Tucker
2018Pac-12570.417Kurt Roper Mike MacIntyre
2017Pac-12570.417Mike MacIntyre
2016Pac-121040.714Mike MacIntyreAlamo Bowl-L
2015Pac-12490.308Mike MacIntyre
2014Pac-122100.167Mike MacIntyre
2013Pac-12480.333Mike MacIntyre
2012Pac-121110.083Jon Embree
2011Pac-123100.231Jon Embree
2010Big 12570.417Dan Hawkins Brian Cabral
2009Big 12390.250Dan Hawkins
2008Big 12570.417Dan Hawkins
2007Big 12670.462Dan HawkinsIndependence Bowl-L
2006Big 122100.167Dan Hawkins
2005Big 12760.538Gary Barnett Mike HankwitzChamps Sports Bowl-L
2004Big 12850.615Gary BarnettHouston Bowl-W
2003Big 12570.417Gary Barnett
2002Big 12950.643Gary BarnettAlamo Bowl-L
2001Big 121030.769Gary BarnettFiesta Bowl-L
2000Big 12380.273Gary Barnett
1999Big 12750.583Gary BarnettInsight Bowl-W
1998Big 12840.667Rick NeuheiselAloha Classic-W
1997Big 12560.455Rick Neuheisel
1996Big 121020.833Rick NeuheiselHoliday Bowl-W
1995Big 81020.833Rick NeuheiselCotton Bowl-W
1994Big 81110.917Bill McCartneyFiesta Bowl-W
1993Big 8831.708Bill McCartneyAloha Bowl-W
1992Big 8921.792Bill McCartneyFiesta Bowl-L
1991Big 8831.708Bill McCartneyBlockbuster Bowl-L
1990Big 81111.885Bill McCartneyOrange Bowl-W
1989Big 81110.917Bill McCartneyOrange Bowl-L
1988Big 8840.667Bill McCartneyFreedom Bowl-L
1987Big 8740.636Bill McCartney
1986Big 8660.500Bill McCartneyBluebonnet Bowl-L
1985Big 8750.583Bill McCartneyFreedom Bowl-L
1984Big 81100.091Bill McCartney
1983Big 8470.364Bill McCartney
1982Big 8281.227Bill McCartney
1981Big 8380.273Chuck Fairbanks
1980Big 81100.091Chuck Fairbanks
1979Big 8380.273Chuck Fairbanks
1978Big 8650.545Bill Mallory
1977Big 8731.682Bill Mallory
1976Big 8840.667Bill MalloryOrange Bowl-L
1975Big 8930.750Bill MalloryBluebonnet Bowl-L
1974Big 8560.455Bill Mallory
1973Big 8560.455Eddie Crowder
1972Big 8840.667Eddie CrowderGator Bowl-L
1971Big 81020.833Eddie CrowderBluebonnet Bowl-W
1970Big 8650.545Eddie CrowderLiberty Bowl-L
1969Big 8830.727Eddie CrowderLiberty Bowl-W
1968Big 8460.400Eddie Crowder
1967Big 8920.818Eddie CrowderBluebonnet Bowl-W
1966Big 8730.700Eddie Crowder
1965Big 8622.700Eddie Crowder
1964Big 8280.200Eddie Crowder
1963Big 8280.200Eddie Crowder
1962Big 8280.200Bud Davis
1961Big 8920.818Everett GrandeliusOrange Bowl-L
1960Big 8640.600Everett Grandelius
1959Big 7550.500Everett Grandelius
1958Big 7640.600Dallas Ward
1957Big 7631.650Dallas Ward
1956Big 7821.773Dallas WardOrange Bowl-W
1955Big 7640.600Dallas Ward
1954Big 7721.750Dallas Ward
1953Big 7640.600Dallas Ward
1952Big 7622.700Dallas Ward
1951Big 7730.700Dallas Ward
1950Big 7541.550Dallas Ward
1949Big 7370.300Dallas Ward
1948Big 7360.333Dallas Ward
1947MSAC450.444Jim Yeager
1946MSAC541.550Jim Yeager
1945MSAC530.625Frank Potts
1944MSAC620.750Frank Potts
1943MSAC520.714Jim Yeager
1942MSAC720.778Jim Yeager
1941MSAC341.438Jim Yeager
1940MSAC531.611Frank Potts
1939MSAC530.625Bunny Oakes
1938MSAC341.438Bunny Oakes
1937RMC810.889Bunny OakesCotton Bowl-L
1936RMC430.571Bunny Oakes
1935RMC540.556Bunny Oakes
1934RMC612.778William Saunders
1933RMC720.778William Saunders
1932RMC240.333William Saunders
1931RMC530.625Myron Witham
1930RMC611.813Myron Witham
1929RMC511.786Myron Witham
1928RMC510.833Myron Witham
1927RMC450.444Myron Witham
1926RMC351.389Myron Witham
1925RMC630.667Myron Witham
1924RMC811.850Myron Witham
1923RMC9001.000Myron Witham
1922RMC440.500Myron Witham
1921RMC411.750Myron Witham
1920RMC412.714Myron Witham
1919RMC231.417Joe Mills
1918RMC230.400Joe Mills
1917RMC620.750Bob Evans
1916RMC151.214Bob Evans
1915RMC160.143Fred Folsom
1914RMC510.833Fred Folsom
1913RMC511.786Fred Folsom
1912RMC630.667Fred Folsom
1911RMC6001.000Fred Folsom
1910RMC6001.000Fred Folsom
1909CFAC6001.000Fred Folsom
1908CFA520.714Fred Folsom
1907CFA530.625Frank Castleman
1906CFA234.444Frank Castleman
1905Ind810.889Willis Keinholtz
1904CFA621.722David Cropp
1903CFA820.800David Cropp
1902CFA510.833Fred Folsom
1901CFA511.786Fred Folsom
1900CFA640.600T. W. Mortimer
1899CFA720.777Fred Folsom
1898CFA440.500Fred Folsom
1897CFA710.875Fred Folsom
1896CFA5001.000Fred Folsom
1895CFA510.833Fred Folsom
1894CFA810.889Harry Heller

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