All-Time Top 10 Overall Pac-12 NFL Draft Picks

With the 2022 NFL Draft just days away, we begin a series of retrospectives and previews, beginning with a look at historical Top 10 overall selections.

Every Pac-12 football program has had at least two Top 10 overall NFL Draft picks, but some have had much more, and some more recently.

Oregon has had two players drafted in the Top 10 in each of the past two years in Justin Herbert and Penei Sewell.

Overall, USC has the most Top 10 picks of any other school in the Conference by a wide margin with 45.

Here are all the Top 10 overall picks by year for each school alphabetically, with a breakdown by program at the bottom of the page for all 136 selections.

Arizona (4)
1999Chris McAlister10
1990Chris Singleton8
1984Ricky Hunley7
1939Walt Neilson10

Arizona State (7)
2003Terrell Suggs10
2002Levi Jones10
1982Gerald Riggs9
1979Al Harris9
1976Mike Haynes5
1971J.D. Hill4
1964Charley Taylor3

California (10)
2016Jared Goff1
2010Tyson Alualu10
2001Andre Carter7
1981Rich Campbell6
1976Chuck Muncie3
1975Steve Bartkowski1
1972Sherman White2
1965Craig Morton5
1953Johnny Olszewski4
1952Les Richter2

Colorado (6)
1997Chris Naeole10
1995Michael Westbrook4
1980Mark Haynes8
1974J.V. Cain7
1974Bo Matthews2
1938Byron White4

Oregon (9)
2021Penei Sewell7
2020Justin Herbert6
2016DeForest Buckner7
2015Marcus Mariota2
2013Dion Jordan3
2002Joey Harrington3
1999Akili Smith3
1972Ahmad Rashad4
1955George Shaw1

Oregon State (2)
1963Terry Baker1
1938Joe Gray10

Stanford (17)
2017Solomon Thomas3
2017Christian McCaffrey8
2012 Andrew Luck1
1992Bob Whitfield8
1992Tommy Vardell9
1983John Elway1
1982Darrin Nelson7
1978James Lofton6
1978Gordon King10
1972Greg Sampson6
1972Jeff Siemon10
1971Jim Plunkett1
1957John Brodie3
1954Bobby Garrett1
1942Pete Kmetovic3
1942Frankie Albert10
1941Norm Standlee3

UCLA (17)
2018Josh Rosen10
2014Anthony Barr9
1996Jonathan Ogden4
1995J.J. Stokes10
1994Jamir Miller10
1991 Eric Turner2
1989Troy Aikman1
1981Freeman McNeil3
1981Kenny Easley4
1974Bill Sandifer10
1967Mel Farr7
1963Kermit Alexander8
1961Jimmy Johnson6
1953Donn Moomaw9
1947Cal Rossi4
1947Ernie Case6
1946Cal Rossi9

USC (45)
2018Sam Darnold3
2015Leonard Williams6
2012Matt Kalil4
2011Tyron Smith9
2009Mark Sanchez5
2008Sedrick Ellis7
2008Keith Riveres9
2006Reggie Bush2
2006Matt Leinart10
2005Mike Williams10
2003Carson Palmer1
1999Chris Claiborne9
1997Darrell Russell2
1996Keyshawn Johnson1
1995Tony Boselli2
1994Willie McGinest4
1993Curtis Conway7
1990Junior Seau5
1990Mark Carrier6
1988Dave Cadigan8
1985Duane Bickett5
1985Ken Ruettgers7
1983Bruce Matthews9
1982Chip Banks3
1982Marcus Allen10
1981Ronnie Lott8
1980Anthony Munoz3
1977Ricky Bell1
1977Marvin Powell4
1977Gary Jeter5
1973Charle Young6
1970Al Cowlings5
1969O.J. Simpson1
1968Ron Yary1
1968Mike Raylor10
1964Pete Beathard5
1961Marlin McKeever4
1960Ron Mix10
1957Jon Arnett2
1953Al Carmichael7
1946Leo Riggs7
1945Jim Hardy8
1942Bobby Robertson7
1940Doyle Nave6
1940Grenny Landsell10

Utah (3)
2005Alex Smith1
2003Jordan Gross8
1959Lee Grosscup10

Washington (11)
2017John Ross9
2011Jake Locker8
2004Reggie Williams9
1993Lincoln Kennedy9
1992Steve Emtman1
1987Reggie Rogers7
1985Ron Holmes8
1980Doug Martin9
1952Hugh McElhenny9
1941Rudy Mucha4
1941Dean McAdams8

Washington State (5)
1998Ryan Leaf2
1993Drew Bledsoe1
1979Jack Thompson3
1965Clancy Williams9
1937Ed Goddard2
Top 10 Overall NFL Picks by Program (135 total)

ProgramTotal Top Ten Picks
Arizona 4

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