2024 SuperWest Football Spring Game Schedule

A list of dates for the remaining events with times and TV information where known

Posted on April 10, 2024

  By SuperWest Sports Staff

Spring football is underway and the Spring games and showcases—except those of Hawaii and UNLV, which have already been played—are right around the corner.

Here’s a list of dates of the other 21 SuperWest Spring Games with times and TV information where known.

Air Force and BYU will not be holding spring games this year.

Utah and Nevada kick off the next events on April 13th and the games wrap up with Washington on May 3rd.

Sunday, February 25

Hawaii (Completed)

Saturday, April 6

UNLV (Completed)

Saturday, April 13

Utah, 11:00 am, Pac-12
Nevada, TBA

Saturday, April 20

Colorado State, 12:00 pm
New Mexico, 12:00 pm
Oregon State, 12:00 pm, Pac-12
USC, 12:00 pm, Pac-12 LA
Utah State, 12:00 pm
Boise State, 12:30 pm
Stanford, 12:30 pm, Pac-12 Bay Area
SDSU, 1:00 pm
Cal, 2:30 pm, Pac-12

Friday, April 26

Arizona State, 6:00 pm, Pac-12

Saturday, April 27

Colorado, 12:00 pm, Pac-12
Fresno State, 12:00 pm
Wyoming, 12:00 pm
Oregon, 1:00 pm, Pac-12
SJSU, 1:00 pm
UCLA, 2:00 pm, Pac-12
WSU, 3:00 pm, Pac-12
Arizona, 6:00 pm, Pac-12

Friday, May 3

Washington, 6:30 pm, Pac-12

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