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2020 Postseason All-SportsPac12 Football Team

Our choices for the Pac-12's best football players as selected by our three senior football writers

Posted on December 24, 2020

  By Dane Miller, Jack Follman, and Nick Bartlett, SuperWest Sports

Our Senior Writers have selected the 2020 All-SportsPac12 team. They agreed unanimously on 14 First-Team selections and split on 12. Below you’ll find their consensus selections for coach and player position honors, breakdowns by program and by region, as well as a tabulation of how our writers voted for both First- and Second-Team players, with a table comparing their picks to those of the Pac-12 Conference.

—Coach of the Year—
Karl Dorrell, Colorado
Karl Dorrell | David Zalubowski/AP via


—Offensive Player of the Year—
Jermar Jefferson, Oregon State Running Back
Jermar Jefferson| Leon Neuschwander for The Oregonian / OregonLive
—Defensive Player of the Year—
Talanoa Hufanga, USC Safety
Talanoa Hufanga vs. WSU. | Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports


—Offensive Freshman of the Year—
Ty Jordan, Utah Running Back
Ty Jordan vs Colorado. | David Zabulowski/Associated Press


—Defensive Freshman of the Year—
Noah Sewell, Oregon Linebacker
Noah Sewell. |


Quarterback: Davis Mills, Stanford

Running Back: Jermar Jefferson, Oregon State

Running Back: Jarek Broussard, Colorado

Wide Receiver: Amon-Ra St. Brown, USC

Wide Receiver: Simi Fehoko, Stanford

Tight End: Greg Dulcich, UCLA

Offensive Lineman: Alijah Vera-Tucker, USC

Offensive Lineman: Drew Dalman, Stanford

Offensive Lineman: Nate Eldridge, Oregon State

Offensive Lineman: Jaxson Kirkland, Washington

Offensive Lineman: Dohnovan West, Arizona State/Abe Lucas, WSU


Defensive Lineman: Kayvon Thibodeaux, Oregon

Defensive Lineman: Osa Odighizuwa, UCLA

Defensive Lineman: Marlon Tuipulotu, USC

Defensive Lineman: Zion Tupuola-Fetui, Washington

Linebacker: Nate Landman, Colorado

Linebacker: Devin Lloyd, Utah

Linebacker: Avery Roberts, Oregon State

Defensive Back: Talanoa Hufanga, USC

Defensive Back: Elijah Molden, Washington

Defensive Back: Chase Lucas, Arizona State

Defensive Back: Mykael Wright, Oregon


Kicker: Jadon Redding, Utah

Punter: Michael Turk, Arizona State

Returner: D.J. Taylor, Arizona State

All-Purpose/Special Teams: Travis Dye, Oregon


Quarterback: Kedon Slovis, USC

Running Back: Demetric Felton, UCLA

Running Back: Ty Jordan, Utah

Wide Receiver: Drake London, USC

Wide Receiver: Tyler Vaughns, USC

Tight End: Cade Otton, Washington

Offensive Lineman: Will Sherman, Colorado

Offensive Lineman: Joshua Gray, Oregon State

Offensive Lineman: Nick Ford, Utah

Offensive Lineman: Ryan Walk, Oregon

Offensive Lineman: Henry Bainvalu, Washington 


Defensive Lineman: Mika Tafua, Utah

Defensive Lineman: Thomas Booker, Stanford

Defensive Lineman: Mustafa Johnson, Colorado

Defensive Lineman: Jermayne Lole, Arizona State

Linebacker: Edefuan Ulofoshio, Washington

Linebacker: Cameron Goode, Cal

Linebacker: Drake Jackson, USC

Defensive Back: Camryn Bynum, Cal

Defensive Back: Evan Fields, Arizona State

Defensive Back: Olaijah Griffin, USC

Defensive Back: Trent McDuffie, Washington


Kicker: Jet Toner, Stanford

Punter: Oscar Draguicevich, Washington State

Returner: Britain Covey, Utah

All-Purpose/Special Teams: Jackson He, Arizona State

—SportsPac12 Players and Coach Selections and Honors by Program—

Oregon State5
Arizona 0

—SportsPac12 Selections by Region—


—How Our Writers Voted: 2020 SportsPac12 Coach and Player Honors—

HonorDane MillerNick BartlettJack Follman
Head CoachKarl Dorrell, CUJimmy Lake, UWKarl Dorrell, CU
Offensive PlayerJarek Broussard, CUJermar Jefferson, OSUJermar Jefferson, OSU
Defensive PlayerTalanoa Hufanga, USCNate Landman, CUTalanoa Hufanga, USC
Offensive FreshmanTy Jordan, UtahTy Jordan, UtahTy Jordan, Utah
Defensive FreshmanNoah Sewell, UONoah Sewell, UONoah Sewell, UO

—How Our Writers Voted: First Team—

PositionDane MillerNick BartlettJack Follman
QBDavis Mills, StanTyler Shough, UODavis Mills, Stan
RBJarek Broussard, CUJarek Broussard, CUJarek Broussard, CU
RBJermar Jefferson, OSUJermar Jefferson, OSUJermar Jefferson, OSU
WRSimi Fehoko, StanSimi Fehoko, StanSimi Fehoko, Stan
WRAmon-Ra St. Brown, USCAmon-Ra St. Brown, USCAmon-Ra St. Brown, USC
TEGreg Dulcich, UCLAGreg Dulcich, UCLAGreg Dulcich, UCLA
OLDohnovan West, ASUAbe Lucas, WSUAbe Lucas, WSU
OLAlijah Vera-Tucker, USCAlijah Vera-Tucker, USCAlijah Vera-Tucker, USC
OLNick Ford, UtahDrew Dalman, StanDrew Dalman, Stan
OLNathan Eldridge, OSUNathan Eldridge, OSUNathan Eldridge, UW
OLJaxson Kirkland, UWJaxson Kirkland, UWDohnovan West, ASU
DLOsa Odighizuwa, UCLAOsa Odighizuwa, UCLAOsa Odighizuwa, UCLA
DLKayvon Thibodeaux, UOKayvon Thibodeaux, UOKayvon Thibodeaux, UO
DLMarlon Tuipulotu, USCMarlon Tuipulotu, USCMarlon Tuipulotu, USC
DLMustafa Johnson, CUZion Tupuola-Fetui, UWZion Tupuola-Fetui, UW
LBNate Landman, CUNate Landman, CUNate Landman, CU
LBDevin Lloyd, UtahDevin Lloyd, UtahDevin Lloyd, Utah
LBAvery Roberts, OSUMitchell Agude, UCLAEdefuan Ulofoshio, UW
DBTalanoa Hufanga, USCTalanoa Hufanga, USCTalanoa Hufanga, USC
DBChase Lucas, ASUNahshon Wright, OSUTrent McDuffie, UW
DBElijah Molden, UWElijah Molden, UWElijah Molden, UW
DBMykael Wright, UOMykael Wright, UOChase Lucas, ASU
KickerJet Toner, StanJadon Redding, UtahJadon Redding, Utah
PunterOscar Draguicevich, WSUMichael Turk ASUMichael Turk, ASU
RSD.J. Taylor, ASUD.J. Taylor, ASUBritain Covey, Utah
AP/STJackson He, ASUTravis Dye, UOTravis Dye, UO

—How Our Writers Voted: Second Team—

PositionDane MillerNick BartlettJack Follman
QBKedon Slovis, USCKedon Slovis, USCDylan Morris, UW
RBTy Jordan, UtahTy Jordan, UtahTravis Dye, UO
RBDemetric Felton, UCLADemetric Felton, UCLADemetric Felton, UCLA
WRTyler Vaughns, USCTyler Vaughns, USCTyler Vaughns, USC
WRDrake London, USCRenard Bell, WSUDrake London, USC
TECade Otton, UWCade Otton, UWCade Otton, UW
OLAbe Lucas, WSUDohnovan West, ASUHenry Bainvalu, UW
OLWill Sherman, CUWill Sherman, CUWill Sherman, CU
OLJoshua Gray, OSULuke Wattenberg, UWJoshua Gray, OSU
OLSataoa Laumea, UtahNick Ford, UtahNick Ford, Utah
OLAlex Forsyth, UORyan Walk, UOJaxson Kirkland, UW
DLTyler Johnson, ASUMustafa Johnson, CUMustafa Johnson, CU
DLThomas Booker, StanThomas Booker, StanThomas Booker, Stan
DLZion Tupuola-Fetui, UWJermayne Lole, ASUJermayne Lole, ASU
DLMika Tafua, UtahMika Tafua, UtahMika Tafua, Utah
LBDrake Jackson, USCCarson Wells, CUCaleb Johnson, UCLA
LBCameron Goode, CalNephi Sewell, UtahMitchelle Agude, UCLA
LBAnthony Pandy, UAEdefuan Ulofoshio, UWAvery Roberts, OSU
DBDeommodore Lenoir, UOChase Lucas, ASUQuentin Lake, UCLA
DBTrent McDuffie, UWJay Shaw, UCLAOlaijah Griffin, USC
DBCamryn Bynum, CalIsaiah Pola-Mao, USCCamryn Bynum, Cal
DBJamal Hill, UOEvan Fields, ASUEvan Fields, ASU

—SportsPac12 and Pac-12 Selections Compared—

PositionSportsPac12 First TeamPac-12 First TeamSportsPac12 Second TeamPac-12 Second Team
QBDavis Mills, StanKedon Slovis,USCKedon Slovis, USCSam Noyer, CU/ DTR, UCLA
RBJermar Jefferson, OSUJarek Broussard, CUDemetric Felton, UCLA
Demetric Felton, UCLA
RBJarek Broussard, CUJermar Jefferson, OSU
Ty Jordan, UtahTy Jordan, Utah
WRAmon-Ra St. Brown, USCSimi Fehoko, StanDrake London, USCDrake London, USC
WRSimi Fehoko, StanAmon-Ra St. Brown, USCTyler Vaughns, USCTyler Vaughns, USC
TEGreg Dulcich, UCLACade Otton, UWCade Otton, UWGreg Dulcich, UCLA
/Brant Kuithe, Utah
OLAlijah Vera-Tucker, USCDrew Dalman, StanWill Sherman, CUAlex Forsyth, UO
OLDrew Dalman, StanNathan Eldridge, OSUJoshua Gray, OSUJoshua Gray, OSU
OLNathan Eldridge, OSUNick Ford, UtahNick Ford, UtahSataoa Laumea, Utah
OLDohnovan West, ASUJaxson Kirkland, UWRyan Walk, UOAbe Lucas, WSU
OLJaxson Kirkland, UWAlijah Vera-Tucker, USCAbe Lucas, WSUWill Sherman, CU
DLKayvon Thibodeaux, UOOsa Odighizuwa, UCLAMika Tafua, UtahThomas Booker, Stan
DLOsa Odighizuwa, UCLAKayvon Thibodeaux, UOThomas Booker, StanMustafa Johnson, CU
DLMarlon Tuipulotu, USCMarlon Tuipulotu, USCMustafa Johnson, CUTyler Johnson, ASU
DLZion Tupuola-Fetui, UWZion Tupuola-Fetui, UWJermayne Lole, ASUMike Tafua, Utah
LBNate Landman, CUNate Landman, CUEdefuan Ulofoshio, UWCameron Goode, Cal
LBDevin Lloyd, UtahDevin Lloyd, UtahCameron Goode, CalDrake Jackson, USC
LBAvery Roberts, OSUAvery Roberts, OSUDrake Jackson, USCEdefuan Ulofoshio, UW
DBTalanoa Hufanga, USCCamryn Bynum, CalCamryn Bynum, CalDeommodore Lenoir, UO
DBElijah Molden, UWTalanoa Hufanga, USCEvan Fields, ASUChase Lucas, ASU
DBChase Lucas, ASUElijah Molden, UWOlaijah Griffin, USCTrent McDuffie, UW
DBMykael Wright, UOMykael Wright, UOTrent McDuffie, UWChris Steele, USC
PKJadon Redding, UtahJadon Redding, UtahJet Toner, StanJet Toner, Stan
PMichael Turk, ASUMichael Turk, ASUOscar Draguicevich, WSUOscar Draguicevich, WSU
RSD.J. Taylor, ASUBritain Covey, UtahBritain Covey, UtahD.J. Taylor, ASU
AP/STTravis Dye, UOThomas Booker, StanJackson He, ASUJaylon Jackson, CU

—More from Staff—