Dane Miller’s Week 7 Pac-12 Hoops Players of Week Votes

Our senior men's basketball writer gives us his weekly men's hoops selections with explanations

Posted on December 26, 2023

  By Dane Miller, SuperWest Sports

As a voter for the Pac-12 Players of the Week, my choices may occasionally differ from the official selections.

Pac-12Either way, I want to share my picks and give brief explanations of why I voted the way I did for the Freshman and Player of the Week.

My Summaries appear below.

 Player of the Week — Isaac Jones, Washington State
Isaac Jones - Washington State
This week’s vote was hard to decide. Other players had better numbers than Washington State’s Isaac Jones.

But I went with the Cougar forward based on the quality of competition he faced and his impact on the game.

I usually only give my vote to a player on a winning team. That criteria eliminated several players with solid numbers.

Of the remaining options, Jones faced the toughest opponent and was arguably the deciding factor in Wazzu’s win.

Freshman Player of the Week — Sebastian Mack, UCLA
Sebastian Mack, UCLA men's basketball 2023
The freshman voting was more straightforward. I went with UCLA’s Sebastian Mack based solely on his production.

Perhaps it’s inconsistent with my Player of the Week reasoning, but Mack had the best numbers among the freshmen nominated.

Even though UCLA lost both of its games last week, I still felt the Bruin guard deserved the recognition.

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